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07 December 2009 @ 08:11 pm
Jealous China  
Characters: Russia x China
Warning: implied drugs, smut
Summary: psycho! China reappears. Hmm...a somewhat continuation of Red Jealousy?

A/N: Another drabble. I lay off on details on drabbles. In other words, not much effort is put into this so don't bash me on how bad it is plz!

Russia smiled at China, returning the sweet smile the older nation aimed at him from across the table. The setting sun dyed the room in dark red and orange as China got up to clear away the dishes. Russia sat where he was, tugging at the scarf at his neck, sweat dotting his forehead from the heat. It was hot at China’s house. The air was dry and stifling; no wind blew by to relieve the Russian unused to summer in the southern lands. He glanced towards China and noticed the Chinese nation returned with a chilled vodka bottle. Russia grinned, obviously happy that China was so thoughtful.

China delicately poured a glass of vodka like he would pour tea for the larger man. Russia murmured his thanks before downing the glass of alcohol like it was water. China placed his elbow on the table, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he watched Russia drink the bottle of vodka with hooded eyes. Russia grinned at China, drinking another shot. When China invited him for dinner at his house, Russia was stunned by the invitation. Usually the Chinese man would avoid him like the plague. It took persistent coaxing and teasing before the older nation allowed him even the simplest touches. Half of the bottle was gone now. Russia mentally shrugged his shoulders at China’s peculiar behavior. Whatever it was, it was pleasant. China continued smiling at him from across the table, making slow circles on Russia’s hand. Russia returned that hooded look. Yes it was a nice feeling.

He leaned in- his breath smelling of alcohol- kissing China slowly, unhurriedly, enjoying the soft mouth beneath his parting, wanting more. Russia placed another gentle kiss on China’s lips and leaned back in his chair, silently saying, “Later.”

China said nothing and continued to play with Russia’s hand, sending shivers down Russia’s spine and lower. Russia opened his mouth to suggest that maybe later meant now but suddenly the world swayed before his eyes. He shook his head to clear his head. He must’ve drunken more than he thought. He lifted his head to apologize to China, that maybe today wasn’t a good idea after all but instead of seeing China’s smiling face, all he saw was a hazy figure dance in front of him before he heard a thump sound from somewhere far away. Russia blinked his eyes a couple times, staring at whiteness. Slowly he saw China enter his vision, staring down at him. The thump he heard earlier must’ve been him falling over on his chair.

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing coherent came out. He scrunched his eyebrows, confused, and tried again. Above him, he heard China chuckle softly, placing smooth, long fingers against Russia’s mouth silencing him gently. Russia stared at China smiling down at him and was barely aware of the small weight settled against his stomach as China straddled him.

Russia tried to move but his body wouldn’t listen. He made a choked sound in his throat at his frustration. China, noticing the Russia’s struggle, giggled and pinched the struggling nation’s nose, “Nah-uh. No moving okay? You might hurt yourself.”

China’s dark ebony hair cascaded over his back, covering the two nations like night fall as he bent over Russia and began unwrapping the scarf from the immobile nation’s neck, humming in the back of his throat a happy, happy tune. With each button China undid, it revealed more translucent skin to his eyes. He hungrily drank it up, licking his lips.

China laid atop of Russia, tucking his head beneath Russia’s chin, his silk shirt rubbing against the larger nation’s naked skin. He wrapped his arms around Russia’s neck and asked innocently, as he pressed his erection closer to Russia’s groin, “Neh, Russia, what does Lithuania have that I don’t? Is it because he’s considerate? I can be considerate too you know.”

China lifted himself up and stared down at the form beneath him, his eyes dancing with mirth, “And you know I love you more than him right?”

China ran his hands over skin just as smooth as his, loving the feel of it on his finger tips. He grinned, when he found Russia’s heartbeat. It was speaking to him. It was saying, “Mine. Mine! MINE!”

China bent down until he was only a breath away from Russia’s face, his lips hovering right above Russia’s. He flicked his tongue out, lightly licking the other nation’s lips, “Or is it because Lithuania is a part of you so you love him more?”

China slid down Russia’s body, his midnight hair trailed behind him leaving cool traces as he kissed his way down the Russian’s body. In between his kisses- his hot breathe against Russia’s skin- China would murmur, “I can become a part of you too. Don’t you want me? I’m a much better lover aren’t I?”

Russia groaned when he felt China nuzzle his growing arousal. As he felt China’s skillful lips wrap around him, Russia thought that jealous insanity really became China, that China was already more part of him than anyone else he knew. Russia closed his eyes and smiled in satisfaction. Of course he wasn’t going to tell China that. It would ruin all the fun....
ibuxelynibuxelyn on October 5th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
i really enjoy your fics
xbdx_archive on October 6th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Thank you! And I enjoy your drawings! They are soooo cuuuute!!!

please draw more...