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07 December 2009 @ 08:02 pm
Red Jealousy  
Title: Red Jealousy
Author: ME
Character/Pairings: Russia x China, implied Russia x Lithuania, not suppose to be but borderline China x Lithuania :P
Warnings: Some blood but nothing extreme. Also although I say Russia, he only appears at the end with two lines lol
Ratings: PG-13 (it just means no smex XD)
Summary: A rewrite of "When China Moved In". China is jealous of Lithuania.

A/N: I was always interested in how China or Lithuania felt about the other in regards to Russia. I wrote "When China Moved In" but it was more of a comedy and gag thing than anything else. Never quite satisfied with how things went. So I rewrote it and this turned up. Hmm...for some reason it didn't turn out how I wanted either lol. Kinda tired now so maybe I'll try rewriting it AGAIN on a later time. Anyway this is a darker take on the whole China><Russia>>Lithuania love triangle (btw I see Russia's love for Lithuania unrequited).

Last note: Again I do not proofread. I proofread AFTER I post things...a bad habit of mine.

Link to the more cracked version: xblkdragonx.livejournal.com/1845.html

The sun beat down on Lithuania as he paced restlessly in front of Russia’s door. Every so often he would pause and raise his hand to knock but then immediately resumed his pacing, chewing his thumb in uncertainty. He really should tell Russia that his boss wanted to talk to him. If he was late because of him there would be hell to pay, Lithuania thought as he rubbed his back, but if he interrupted them then who knows what the sadistic nation would do?

The door suddenly flew open and Lithuania flinched, expecting to see an enraged Russia rain his wrath down on him for disturbing his fun. To Lithuania’s surprise, it was the smaller of the two men who stood in the doorway.

“I could hear your constant pacing from inside the room aru,” China slurred, leaning against the door for support as he stared at Lithuania with a flushed face.

Lithuania couldn’t help but look away from the other nation, blushing. China stood in front of him clothed in nothing but Russia’s robe which was clumsily tied closed. Already the too big of a robe was falling off one of the dainty shoulders, revealing porcelain fine skin covered in kiss marks. Lithuania quickly took a peek at the Chinese nation. Russia must’ve gotten him pretty drunk. China had his eyes closed as he leaned his forehead against the coolness of the door with his lips slightly parted. What made the situation even more awkward was the fact that China looked almost like a helpless child dressed in a large robe, his midnight hair falling over his unguarded, pink-tinged face and spilling onto his exposed shoulder. Lithuania shifted uncomfortably on his feet. It was one thing to know Russia and China were intimately involved. It was something entirely different to see the evidence of their union.

“Was there something you needed aru?”

Lithuania jumped at the other nation’s voice. China still had his eyes closed and head against the door when he spoke. Lithuania self consciously scratched the back of his head, still avoiding looking at the undressed nation, “I…uh…was looking for Russia.”

For a reason unknown to Lithuania, a thick silence settled heavily between them.

After awhile standing there with an uneasy smile plastered to his face, Lithuania finally dared to glance back at China. China still had this shoulder propped against the door but his expression changed drastically. From one moment to the next, he had sobered up instantly. His eyes, glowing an uncanny golden color, fixed itself on Lithuania, observing, calculating. When he noticed Lithuania was looking at him, China smiled warmly, “Russia’s not here aru. He left a few minutes before you started your pacing. Why don’t you come in while you wait aru?”

He didn’t know why but Lithuania felt the hair at the back of his neck stand on end at that smile. The smile didn’t quite reach China’s eyes, “Ah…no that’s okay. I’ll go look for Russia somewhere else then.”

He turned and began walking down the hallway when he heard a loud crash behind him. Lithuania whipped his head back and saw China sitting pitifully with the robe slipping more off him and his head hung low amidst the broken shards of the vase that decorated Russia’s room. Lithuania immediately rushed to China’s side, pieces of the vase crunching beneath his feet.

China. Are you okay? You didn’t hurt yourself did you?”

China rubbed the side of his arm and looked away from Lithuania, saying nothing, his ebony hair hiding his face.

Concerned about the state of the Chinese nation, Lithuania placed China’s arm around his shoulders and led him away from the glass. China hung onto him like a limp doll until Lithuania sat him down on the rumpled bed.

“There. Just stay there until you’re steady again. I’ll get someone to bring you something to eat but let me clean up this mess first.”

Lithuania lingered a moment more by the other nation’s side, making sure he wasn’t bleeding before returning to the shattered vase. The only light that illuminated the room was from the setting sunlight from the hallway. It bathed the vast, dark room in blood red. Not a word transpired between the two nations. Not a whisper, not a sound. Only the occasional clink of porcelain collected on the palm of Lithuania’s hand was heard. Clink, clink, clink, clink.

“How nice and thoughtful of you, Lithuania. No wonder Russia cares about you more than the other Baltic nations,” China whispered, tracing a ghost of a butterfly touch down the back of Lithuania’s neck.

Unaware of China’s soundless footsteps approaching him from behind, Lithuania yelped at the unexpected caress, cutting his hand on the sharp shards. Lithuania stood up and examined his injury. Blood seeped out of the wound and pooled in his hand.

China hummed in the back of his throat, “Red suits you very well, Toris.”

Lithuania stiffened at the usage of his human name. He slowly raised his eyes to meet China’s. Dread like no other filled his body at the almost maniacal smile on the other’s nation face. Perhaps Russia and China shared more than their bodies….

Inch by inch, Lithuania began shuffling backwards, his nervously smiling face still facing China. He learned long ago not to turn your back to a person bordering on insanity.

“I…I’m just going to bandage up my wound. I’ll get someone to clean this up and get you your breakfast.”

China covered his grin behind Russia’s robe, “Whatever you say Toris. Of course you know best.”

Cold sweat ran down Lithuania’s back at the almost perfect mimicry of Russia’s childlike voice. He swallowed uneasily before giving China a shallow bow, making sure to keep his eyes on the Chinese nation. For a brief moment, Lithuania’s eyes flickered to the side to locate exactly where the door was. His lapse of judgment cost him. In the next moment, Lithuania found himself slammed against the wall, his face grated against the wood. China twisted Lithuania’s injured hand behind his back, digging his nails into the wound. Lithuania gasped from the sudden pain shooting up his arm.

China pressed against the trapped nation’s back, smoothing his hair like a lover, “Hm…I can see why Russia likes to play rough with you. The more you try to restrain your cries, the more I want to hear them.”

“Wh…why are you doing this?”

China buried his face into Lithuania’s shoulder and laughed. Abruptly he stopped, pulling Lithuania’s hair until the other nation was force to crane his head to look back at him, “Do you honestly not know? Or are you just pretending to be stupid?”

Tears formed at the corner of Lithuania’s eyes from the firm grip China had on his scalp, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

China’s golden brown eyes stared into Lithuania’s, searching. Satisfied he wasn’t lying, China ran his cool hand underneath Lithuania’s shirt, tracing old and new scars, whispering against the other’s ear, “Do you know what each and every one of these scars mean, hm?”

China continued, opening one of the newer wounds on Lithuania’s back, “It means ‘I want you’, ‘I need you’, ‘I love you’.”

Lithuania tried to jerk free as the last word was hissed into his ear but China had a harsh grip on his bleeding hand and twisted it even tighter. Lithuania bit his lip from the pain.

When the pain subsided Lithuania panted out, “You lie. How could anyone inflict pain on the one they love! Every lash on my body is a reminder I’m a slave!”

“Young nations nowadays are so naïve,” China admonished, “Unlike me, Russia needs you. Unlike me, you don’t need Russia. Unlike me, you don’t love him.”

China ran his finger down the side of Lithuania’s neck and collarbone, “So what better way for you to constantly think about him than for you to hate him? Hate and love is nothing more than two sides of the same coin. Eventually hate can turn into love…isn’t that so, dear precious Toris?”

“Whatever you may think,” Lithuania, regaining his composure, calmly said, “I do not feel that way for Russia. So please just let me-”

“Then stop being so kind to him!” China growled fiercely, “Stop giving him hope that one day you’ll return his feelings.”

Lithuania clenched his free hand, “What do you expect me to do then? Burst into anger and get killed in the process?”

“Ignore him, like the other two. Do you see him treat them the way he treats you? You’re special because you treated him differently.”

China tightened his hold on Lithuania’s wrist, his voice growing hoarse, “If only you weren’t the first…then…then….”

“Was there a party and I wasn’t invited?”

Both dark haired nations turned their head at Russia’s voice. For once in Lithuania’s life he was glad of the Russian’s presence. Despite his cruel streak, he doesn’t allow what was his to be mistreated by others.

China laughed, letting go of Lithuania, “This is a good time than any to choose.”

Lithuania from where he stood, cradling his injured hand, could see Russia raise his eyebrow in question while China continued laughing, hugging his mid section.

“Choose what exactly?” Russia finally felt he had to ask.

China smiled at the larger man like he should have known better, “Why between Lithuania and me, of course.”

Lithuania stiffened. Before he could say a word, Russia answered, “Why do I need to choose between a lover and a pet?”

All Lithuania could do was stand there as Russia and China quietly stared at one another, each silently challenging the other. Finally China inclined his head, “Of course.”

China walked towards Lithuania and grabbed the other nation’s hand. Lithuania was wary but all China did was wrap a white linen around it. When China was done, he kept holding onto Lithuania, golden brown eyes reflected into green eyes, “But who’s the lover and who’s the pet?”

A/N: Yes China lost his aru halfway through. *shrugs* I tend to take it off when I want him to be serious. Hahaha also if no one got it, China purposely broke the vase to stop Lithuania from leaving. I dunno it was obvious in my mind but others many not see it that way :P Oh and in the mentioning of Russia needing Lithuania I was thinking more because Lithuania was a satellite country for Russia...I think. My European history and relationship is all blurry...

sleepyxinsleepyxin on September 7th, 2010 12:13 pm (UTC)
oh~Red Jealousy! I love this story~ I think I read this story on FF.net before. And I am so obsessed with it.
Yao is not the usually meek one here. As for Lithuania, well...Considering that myself is a Rochu shipper, so, I didn't go well with the idea that Russia had a relationship with China while he loves Lithuania more than China...(sorry about that)

But I somewhat will like a way that Russia do have some feeling for Lithuania but no enough to be named as love. And Russia love China but never want to(or never will) admit it~ And this makes China more jealous about Lithuania~(God, that twist my heart so hurt! But I love it!) However, this triangle will always ended with Rochu. Well, let this two enjoy their own game and leave our Lithuania along.

BTW, I must to say, the end of the story almost drive me crazy when the fist time I read it...I couldn't figure out "who is the love and who is the pet"! Whichever the answer is well made me sad...
xbdx_archive on September 7th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
Ah yes. lol I know people were upset with the ending lol. In my head there was never a chance for Rus/Liet XD. It was all RoChu.

I wrote a "sequel" to it. I forgot to link it to this story though. It explains why Russia "protected" Liet


If your interested, I suggest reading the both of them right after one another.