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22 July 2010 @ 02:43 am
At Love's Command  
A/N: I’ve mentioned how I got into BL in my blog before. It was sorta a happy little accident lol. It’s best if you read the whole entire novel and get involved with the characters because really, it’s the characters that make the book. However…lordy, lordy, this woman can write smut!

If it wasn’t her way of writing (minus the swear words), I don’t think I would have fallen in love with BL. It’s sorta decadence and sensuality rolled into one. Read an enjoy (RoChu Style)

Allie = Alfred
*Shrugs* Couldn’t think of anyone else.

Yao sat down on the windowsill in Ivan’s place with a disappointed sigh. “I was hoping for a little more constructive help, Ivan. I hardly want my wife to remember our first time as a painful ‘getting it over with’. I’d like to make it romantic and pleasurable if possible.”

Ivan looked at him in disbelief. “She’s going to be fucking you, Yao. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than that. If she’s not pleased by that reality, roses and poems won’t make it more palatable.”

Yao chuckled morosely. “Yes, ‘palatable’. You’re just full of cheery descriptions this evening, aren’t you?”
“For Christ’s sake, you are a fucking god, Yao! You fuck like it’s the be-all and end-all. I’ve seen you fuck women, seen their reaction to it. They goddamn love you! Eat her cunt first, they seem to like that, and God knows you’ve a sinner’s mouth. Then cram her full of that huge cock of yours and fuck her like there’s never been anyone else and never will be. That always works for me.” He had to turn away as he said the last, force his voice not to choke as he thought of Yao fucking anyone the way he fucked Ivan

Suddenly Yao was there at Ivan’s back, pressed against him, his mouth on Ivan’s neck, his hands on his hips. “Ivan,” he whispered, “Ivan. There is someone else. There always will be. How will I fuck her when I can’t stop thinking about you? How will I fuck her without you?”

Ivan shook his head. “I don’t know, Yao.” He lost the battle and his voice cracked. “But I intend to be rip-roaring drunk while you’re doing it, so don’t come looking for me tomorrow night to help. I won’t help her take you from me.”

Yao rested his forehead against Ivan’s shoulder and his hands traveled from his hips to his stomach. Ivan’s breath caught.
“Help me now then. Show me, show me how you like to be fucked.” Yao’s voice went deep again, suddenly becoming almost harsh as he reached up and slid Ivan’s coat off his shoulders. “You came here to be fucked. Fine. I’ll play the stallion for you, Ivan. And tomorrow night, make no mistake, I will play it for my wife.” His hands came back around Ivan and he roughly pulled his shirt from his trousers. He spun Ivan around. Then he stepped close and grabbed Ivan’s shirt in both hands and yanked hard, ripping it open.

“You come to me for reassurance, for me to prove my love with a fuck? If that’s all you want from me, you’ll have it.” Yao wrapped his hand around the back of Ivan’s head and pulled him into a rough kiss, bruising his lips and then forcing them apart so his tongue could spear into Ivan’s mouth. Ivan moaned at the hot, wet assault. He grabbed on to the lapels of Yao’s robe trying to hold on to his sanity but Yao’s suddenly violent lust made his head spin. Just as he surrendered to the kiss, Yao broke away.

“That’s not all I want from you,” Ivan said, as harsh in his desire as Yao. He pulled the torn remnants of his shirt down his arms. “But it will do for a start.”

Yao stalked away, tearing at the ties on his robe, ripping it off and letting it fall unheeded to the ground. He turned to face Ivan.
Ivan couldn’t breathe. Yao was so goddamned beautiful. His body was sleek and muscular, his stomach flat, his thighs thick. Yao’s cock was ridged with veins, red with the blood filling it, the full head plump and nearly purple. His sac rode beneath it, large and full, balancing the thick, weighty length above it. It made Ivan’s mouth water and everything inside him clench in anticipation.

“I want you naked. Now.” Yao’s voice brooked no argument, and Ivan was not inclined to give any. When he was bare he stood there in the moonlight waiting. He saw Yao looking at him, felt his eyes devour him. “I want you as much tonight as I did the first time we were together. My desire for you has not abated. Why, Ivan, why? What is it about you that makes me love you so?” Yao sounded genuinely perplexed. “You can be such an ass, but I will make every excuse for you just for the chance to fuck you again, to hold you and kiss you and love you. You have bewitched me.” Suddenly he lost his fierceness. He held out his hand and Ivan felt compelled to walk forward and take it, as if he were the one bewitched. “I will love you, Ivan, always.” Yao pulled him toward the bed. “Remember that whatever I do, I do because I want what’s best for you.”

Ivan tugged on his hand and Yao stopped, looking over his shoulder at Ivan. “Shouldn’t I be the one to decide what’s best for me?”

Yao just smiled. “Not tonight.” Yao had his nose buried in the thatch of hair at Ivan’s crotch and he inhaled deeply. He opened his mouth against Ivan’s inner thigh and sucked at the skin there, making Ivan cry out as he marked him. Christ, he loved the scent of Ivan. Just a whiff of it and Yao would be hard as iron in seconds. He’d thought and thought about it and decided part of its allure was that it was his, Yao’s. No one else had the right to bury their face there and inhale the essence of Ivan. Ivan smelled of desire for Yao alone. Briefly Yao wondered if he would be jealous when Allie shared Ivan’s scent. In spite of all Ivan’s protestations he knew that if Allie agreed, one day soon the three would share a bed. Ivan was too sensual not to crave the experience and too possessive of Yao not to invade his marriage bed.

He sucked harder on Ivan’s thigh and at the same time worked his fingers into Ivan’s ass. He would mark Ivan here, and then again on his ass. Added to the marks he’d put on his chest, Yao was relatively sure that Ivan would carry a reminder of his possession for days to come. They should help Ivan rein in his jealousy over Yao’s marriage for the first week. He pulled his fingers out of Ivan while Ivan moaned, and added more cream. Ivan was deliciously tight, and as good as it felt they’d learned through experience there had to be a certain amount of preparation before Yao could fuck him. He was just too tight to rush into it.

He stopped sucking and laved the bruised skin with his tongue soothingly. Ivan liked it just a little rough, just the way Yao liked it.

He supposed that was a good thing because his penis was just large enough that fucking was rarely a gentle affair. He worried yet again about Allie. Would she like it that way too? Would she be able to take Yao? Suddenly Ivan’s hand fisted in Yao’s hair as Yao licked him.

“Hands above your head, Ivan,” he ordered quietly. With a whimper Ivan obeyed. God, he loved that. He knew everyone wondered about them. Who was dominant? Who was on top? Ivan was so loud and brash it was hard for anyone to imagine him surrendering to Yao, but surrender he did, in every way, and Yao made him love it. “Roll over, Ivan,” he told him, and Ivan did it immediately. Yao kept his fingers in Ivan’s ass while he rolled, scissored them as they twisted with Ivan’s movement. Ivan cried out and Yao laughed. He had to take them out to pull his arm out from underneath Ivan’s leg and Ivan gasped, making him laugh again.

“Keep your hands above your head, Ivan. I’m going to mark your ass, darling. A huge love bite right here.” He licked a spot on Ivan’s muscular left cheek and Ivan shivered. He bit down on the choice piece of flesh just as he thrust his three fingers back in Ivan’s ass. Ivan moaned and his hips jerked back, taking the thrust expertly. Yao pulled his mouth off and lightly slapped his ass. “Don’t move, Ivan. I need to suck.”

“God damn it, Yao, I can’t help it. You can’t expect me not fuck back when it feels so goddamn good.” Ivan’s voice was harsh and breathless. Yao had been working him for almost half an hour, lovingly torturing him as he marked his territory. Yao slapped his ass again and Ivan groaned. “If you keep doing that I’m going to come. I’m warning you.”

Yao swooped down and sucked hard on Ivan’s ass, relishing the clenching of the tight muscles there. Yao always made sure Ivan’s trousers were cut snugly. He loved his ass, loved to watch him walking or riding, the muscles flexing. Just the thought made him bite a little rougher as he sucked and Ivan swore again, but he didn’t move.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes, god damn you. Don’t stop.” The words were harsh, but his tone was pleading.

Yao finally broke away. The taste and feel of Ivan’s salty, firm flesh in his mouth, the musky scent of him, the tight little whimpers he made had pushed Yao to his limits. He needed to fuck, he couldn’t wait any more. He yanked his fingers out and rolled Ivan over unceremoniously.

“What the…” Ivan was startled by Yao’s abrupt movements. He lay sprawled, his arms spread over his head, his legs wide. He was breathing hard and his cock was rigid, pre-cum glistening on the tip.

“I want you now.” Yao could hear the growl in his voice. He was on edge and he tried to rein himself in, pull back from the precipice of desire but he couldn’t. He wanted. No, he hungered plain and simple. He’d been a seething mass of pent-up emotions for days with worry over Allie, over Ivan, over the wedding, over the wedding night. Somehow it was all boiling to the surface here, in this fuck.

He grabbed the pillows from where they’d been tossed to the end of his huge bed. He partially rolled Ivan over to shove the pillows under his hips and then hauled him back over them. Ivan didn’t say a word. He knew better.

Yao crawled over him, predator and prey. He settled himself between Ivan’s legs, his hands on Ivan’s thighs, spreading them apart. Ivan’s ass was raised high by the pillows, perfect for Yao to penetrate deeply, effortlessly. At the same time Yao could watch Ivan while he fucked him, play with his cock. He loved fucking Ivan in this position. He grabbed the cream and rubbed a generous amount on his aching erection. While he rubbed he stared at Ivan and their eyes locked.

“I’m going to fuck you this way so you can see me, Ivan. I want you to see the look on my face when I’m inside you. I want you to see how much I need you. I want you to know, once and for all, that you are mine and I will never let you go.”

Yao rose to his knees and leaned over Ivan, supporting his weight on his fists by Ivan’s shoulders. He adjusted his hips and pressed his cock into Ivan’s ass. The first few inches were the hardest, pushing his head past the tight ring of muscles that guarded Ivan’s passage so well. It was a sweet, vicious torture for Yao every time. If he could get past the entrance without coming, he knew he’d last for a good, hard fuck. But there had been times when he’d barely gotten inside and he’d come before thrusting even once, the tight, burning heat of Ivan’s ass driving him over the edge.

Ivan’s neck and upper back arched sharply, pushing his chest into the air as he grabbed at the bedsheets above his head. “Yao,” he cried out, his voice strangled. Yes, it was a sweet torture for him as well. He’d told Yao that those first few inches frequently crossed the line between pain and pleasure and then back again. For Ivan, short of climax it was one of the best parts of fucking Yao.

Yao was breathing heavily, his nostrils flared, his eyes narrowed in concentration. He focused on the pulse in Ivan’s neck as he pushed until he was halfway inside, then he paused. He closed his eyes and relaxed for a moment, just enjoying the overwhelming sensations of heat and tightness. Ivan relaxed with him as he slowly adjusted to Yao’s width.

“More,” Ivan whispered, bringing one hand down to grip Yao’s forearm. Yao opened his eyes and looked directly into Ivan’s intense stare. “More,” he repeated. Yao’s eye was caught by the glitter of a drop of sweat running down Ivan’s temple. He looked and saw Ivan’s hair was wet and curling with perspiration, and suddenly he could feel the heat and sweat of their passion on his own skin. It added a new layer of sensation, of decadence, to their intense fuck. He didn’t answer Ivan with words, instead he gave him what he desired. With a strong thrust he slid the rest of the way into Ivan.

Ivan’s neck arched again and he groaned loudly.

“Is that what you wanted, Ivan?” Yao’s question was soft and menacing. “I’ll give you what you want, what you beg me for.” Yao pulled back and then thrust in again and Ivan angled his hips more to take Yao deeper. Yao laughed darkly at Ivan’s complete surrender to him. “Spread your legs wider and bend your knees more. I want to get closer, deeper.” His commands harsh, Yao pushed forward, forcing Ivan’s legs farther apart. Ivan whimpered and Yao felt the beast inside him stir and stretch. “Cry for it,” he told Ivan roughly at the same time his thrusts became less controlled, faster and harder.

Ivan cried out and clutched at Yao’s arms with both hands now. “Put your hands above you, against the headboard.” Ivan didn’t obey, and Yao repeated the order louder, breaking through Ivan’s sexual haze. Slowly Ivan complied while Yao stopped moving and waited.

“Why?” Ivan questioned breathlessly.

“Because I don’t want you to hit your head on it.” Ivan shuddered and closed his eyes. Yao would have none of that. He reached one hand over and fisted Ivan’s hair tightly, pulling it hard enough to make his eyes fly open. “Don’t you close your eyes. Look at me. Watch me fuck you. Watch me.”

Ivan kept his eyes open and trained on Yao’s face as Yao began to fuck him again. His motions were smooth, practiced, but each thrust increased in intensity until Ivan’s whole body was jerking with each one, only his arms braced over his head keeping him from sliding forward. At that point, Yao adjusted his angle just a fraction and Ivan couldn’t stop the loud, harsh cry that ripped from his throat. Oh yes, Yao knew just how to fuck Ivan until he cried with the pleasure of it.

The pleasure, however, was a double-edged sword. The rippling of Ivan’s muscles with each plunge of Yao’s cock, Ivan’s throaty cries, the heat, the sounds of flesh slapping flesh, the feel of Ivan’s balls and hard cock caressing his lower stomach with each thrust drove Yao closer and closer to his own climax.

“Who owns you, Ivan?” Yao panted demandingly, rising to his knees, grabbing Ivan’s thighs and spreading them so he could watch his cock go in and out of his ass. “Who owns you?”

“Yao,” Ivan groaned.

“Come for me, Ivan. Do it, now.” The command was all Ivan needed. He cried out harshly and bent forward as cum shot from his cock to cover his stomach. He jerked over and over until he was spent and fell back. Yao slid his arms under Ivan’s thighs and gripped his hips. He fucked hard into him, pulling Ivan down on his cock with each thrust and Ivan grunted with each harsh penetration. In moments Yao roared wordlessly as his semen filled Ivan and he could feel its heat and wetness surround his cock inside him. The pleasure was so intense Yao’s vision wavered, and when the waves of orgasm quieted he felt weak as a babe.

He gently collapsed on top of Ivan. He gripped Ivan’s hair again, shaking him out of his post-orgasmic lassitude. When Ivan opened his eyes and focused on him, Yao leaned over and lay his lips against Ivan’s before he spoke.

“I love you, you fucking idiot. Do you believe me now?”

Ivan laughed weakly. “Right now you could tell me the moon was made of cheese and I’d believe you, Yao. Ask me again tomorrow after your wedding.”

Yao sighed and rolled off Ivan to pull him close. Ivan curled into him, his head on Yao’s shoulder and his arm and leg across Yao as if to hold him there. Right before falling into a deep sleep, Yao spared one more thought to worry about Allie

A/N: The only reason I made this into ChuRo rather than RoChu is because of this line:

“He knew everyone wondered about them. Who was dominant? Who was on top? Ivan was so loud and brash it was hard for anyone to imagine him surrendering to Yao, but surrender he did, in every way, and Yao made him love it”

That line struck me as interesting and it stuck with me for years.

I like her way of writing, minus the overuse of swear words.

Original Summary:

A Brothers in Arms novel.

A child when they were betrothed, Sophia Middleton has been waiting twelve years for Ian Witherspoon to return and marry her. Preyed upon by her vicious father and older brother, Sophie longs for Ian to rescue her.

Ian Witherspoon and Derek Knightly became best friends during the Peninsular War, and returned as lovers. Two more years pass before the desire for a wife and children prompts Ian to recall his little fiancée. Ian is determined to make a marriage work between the three of them. Derek opposes the marriage despite Ian's determination, but how long will he be able to resist love's command?

Sophie's vulnerability hides a core of strength and the combination enthralls and seduces both men. An apt pupil, Sophie learns trust and passion from Ian, and Derek tutors her in the ecstasy of surrender. Love will conquer their fears as they fight those who would tear them apart.