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11 May 2010 @ 12:50 am
Playing in the Snow  

Title: Playing in the Snow

Original Title: An Affair Before Christmas

Original Author: Eloisa James

Characters: Russia x China

Rating: R18


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING of this. Not characters, not storyline. The only thing I did was change the names of the original characters into “Yao” and “Ivan”

Summary:  An accompaniment for “First Beyond Reason”, the M-rated version. This is a “what if Ivan succeeded in becoming Yao’s first lover?”



A/N: This is just for those who wanted a perverted version of First Beyond Reason. This has no real connection with “First Beyond Reason” other than the fact it’s big! Ivan x little! Yao and set in Xia dynasty.


Ivan turned Yao’s body just enough so he could take his mouth, but the Russian didn’t stop touching him.

“Yiwan,” the boy said. It was a whisper, a prayer. “You can’t—” The words choked in his mouth. His body was singing a tune he was still only coming to recognize. “People—”

“Hush. If you make too much noise, the villagers might think I’m hurting you. You wouldn’t want them to drag me off and kill me would you?”

Yao shook his head. He listened intently to the sounds outside the yurt and sure enough, he could still hear muffled laughter of people only a few feet away. Soon though, everything disappeared from his world. Everything dwindled to the here and now.  All he could hear was the pant of his own breath.

Ivan was pulling up the hem of the Chinese’s hanfu, the boy’s pale legs reflecting off the moonlight flittering through the yurt. Yao slid his hands under the other’s shirt and pulled. Remembered that he wasn’t a rag doll.

 “No,” Ivan whispered. “This is my turn.”

He did something with his hand and Yao sobbed a minute, had to catch his breath and then said, “No!”

Ivan wasn’t even listening to him, just licking his neck and then kissing his chin and his cheek and the bottom of his cheekbone, and then finally taking his mouth. The larger nation was savage and soft at the same time, taking and giving, his hand keeping a rhythm that had Yao twisting against the cold sheets, sobbing into his mouth.

Feeling the sparks fly higher and higher, until his heart was beating to a dance that no one could follow except Ivan’s fingers as they drove Yao faster and higher, and then he was sobbing against him. Ivan swallowed his shudders, his little scream, the way the child trembled and shook in his arms.

When it was over Yao turned into Ivan shoulder. “How loud was I?”

Ivan kissed his forehead, nuzzling softly into it. “Not so loud. No one came charging in here demanding for my blood.”

Yao shifted in Ivan’s lap. “You still haven’t…I mean…you’re still….”

“Shhh, don’t worry. I’m an adult. I can wait,” Ivan explained, “We can’t make too much noise right?”

Small arms came around to wrap around the Russian nation. “But that’s not fair. I don’t want to be the only one to feel…to feel-“

“Mind blowing pleasure?” Ivan teased.

Ivan laughed at the glare directed his way. He raised little Yao’s face up for a quick kiss. “Next time, little one. Next time you can pleasure me instead.”


“Excuse me?”

Yao quickly got up and dressed himself. He tugged on the larger man’s hand. “Now. It’s going to be your turn now.”

“Yao, where do you plan on taking me?” Ivan asked, reluctantly letting the boy drag him up.

“You’ll see.”


 “I don’t want to go outside. It’s cold. The sun’s setting and it’s snowing. Everyone will think we’re mad.”

 “I’ve never been allowed outside in a snowstorm,” Yao said.

“The voice of reason,” Ivan groaned, wrapping his scarf tighter around Yao’s neck. “We could be at risk! Lost in the snow and never recovered until the spring thaw.”

“It’s scarcely snowing now,” Yao said, swinging his lantern happily. He dashed through the yurt’s opening and sighing, Ivan followed. Light spilled from the flaps entrance, revealing a world turned into piles of soft cakes covered with spun sugar.

He felt ravenous. Obsessed. Absolutely mad. What he wanted to do was drag Yao back into the yurt, throw him on the bed and plunge into him. The thought made Ivan so hard that he hardly felt the sting of cold outside. Naturally, Yao had pranced directly into the snow and was tracking around the side of the village

“Wait for me,” Ivan bellowed, and then started after Yao, walking in his footsteps. Snow had to be up to boy’s knees. Courtesy demanded that Ivan break a trail, but if Yao was so eager that he wanted to plow through drifts, Ivan would allow him to be the bigger man.

Yao was a fast little thing, so Ivan tramped along in his wake, not thinking about much other than his thighs. How soft they were, and white. And how Yao whimpered last night when he started putting little bites there. And then when he got up a little higher, Yao stopped whimpering and started…

Just then he heard a little shriek and sped up. He turned the corner fast to find his little lover poking under a huge tree.

“What are you doing?” Ivan shouted.

It was so quiet that his voice seemed swallowed up by snow. But oddly, it wasn’t all that cold. The village behind them, twinkles of golden light spilling out of all its fire pits. No one else was foolish enough to tramp around in the dark.

“Look at this,” Yao said, waving his lantern at the other nation. “I believe some animals are living here, under the tree.”

“Oh for God’s sake, it’s probably a bear,” Ivan groaned, plowing through the snow over to him. It was well over the top of his boots. Yao must be frozen, dragging skirts that had to be lined with ice.

“The tracks are much smaller than that. Look!”

Ivan caught up with him and in a spar of light falling from their lantern, he saw the little footprints. Two tiny ones in front and two longer ones in back.

He gave a bark of laughter. “That’s no bear!”

Yao narrowed his eyes at him and then looked back at the tracks. At the way the little ones were spaced, there weren’t too many and…

“Rabbits!” he breathed. “There’s a rabbit hole under this tree.” And without a second’s hesitation, he dropped to his knees and pushed his way right under the huge skirt of branches that jutted above the snow.

Ivan’s mouth dropped open. For Christ’s sake. “Yao, get back out here!” he bellowed, leaning down.

No answer.

Suddenly he thought that rabbits make a good meal for a bear—who might well live under a tree. He dropped to his knees and thrashed his way under the tree so fast that he bumped right into Yao.

The little boy was sitting, hugging his knees, as if he were in his own yurt. “Yiwan,” Yao said, sounding as delighted as if the Russian decided to join him for dinner.

“What the hell,” Ivan growled, setting his lantern to the side. The light wavered and went out, leaving only Yao’s thin flame.

“It’s like a little room,” Yao said. “Wait a minute, Yiwan. Your eyes will get accustomed.”

“Are there any bears in here?”

But Ivan took a breath.

“No rabbits and no bears. But it’s a little house.”

A minute later Ivan saw what Yao meant. The snow had scoured around the tree, building little walls that came up to meet the bottom layer of the bark. The ground was actually a soft mat of dried needles. The snow filtered light, somehow, so that it was a pearly gray under the tree, except for the shower of yellow light around Yao's lantern. His head just brushed the bottom layer of branches.

“Very nice,” Ivan said. “Let’s go, Yao. Your hem must be soaked through.”

“I’m not cold,” Yao said.  He was curled up against the tree, smiling at him. His hair was escaping from his bun. It was a world away from the elegant, arrogant air he usually put on. Yao looked like a little boy.

Well, perhaps not so little. Not with that deep sensual lip and the way his eyes were watching him.

Even as Ivan watched Yao’s tongue stole out and wet his lips, and then roll out his bottom lip in that way he had and Ivan was harder than the tree trunk.

There was hardly any room under there, so he crawled forward a bit. “Yao,” he said slowly.

“It’s your turn,Yao said.

“You’ll catch your death. We can’t—”

“In fact, it’s warm in here,” Yao said.

 “I am not warm,” Ivan said. “My knees are wet. And my feet are frozen.” He crawled forward again and stopped with his mouth just an inch from the Chinese lips. “I want my turn in a proper bed.”

But Yao reached out one little hand, and before Ivan knew it, he was on his back in a soft bed of needles. Yao was lying on top of him, and through layers of coat he could feel the soft curves of his body. Plus, Yao was kissing him. Rather clumsily, it was true. He kept clicking their teeth together.

But to Ivan’s mind, enthusiasm made up for everything. And when he managed to get his hands under Yao’s coat and started to rub him all over (for warmth, naturally), he found that he liked Yao kissing more and more.

Yao was kissing him and snuffling him, and licking his eyebrow and his eyelashes and then swooping down on his mouth whenever he said anything and kissing him into silence. Ivan protested a bit when he started pulling his clothing apart, but by then they’d heated up the little cave. As Yao kissed his way down Ivan’s chest, murmuring things about his turn, Ivan felt his temperature go higher and higher.

Yao,” he gasped at one point, “I don’t think—”

Yao was playing, letting snow drift from his fingers onto the Russian’s nipples and more sensitive parts and then replacing the brief chill with his warm mouth.

Ivan had never been very noisy in bed. He preferred to devote himself to his partner’s pleasure…but now he found himself helpless in Yao’s curious hands, helpless under the ministrations of his sweet lips. Strange hoarse noises came from his lips as Yao played his games, laughing at him, licking him, finally driving him close to mindless pleasure—but not quite close enough.

Finally Ivan managed to snatch Yao, wordlessly, wrench up his gown and hold him protesting, an inch from his body for a moment before letting him go. Yao’s sweet wet warmth enveloped him.

Yao stopped protesting. Their clothes bunched up between them. Ivan pulled his fur coat around both of them. Snow kept filtering down onto his face like a dusting of sugar…

It all faded away when he found the way home. The way to Yao.

Ivan pulled Yao closer and closer until there was nothing, no end to China and no start to Russia, or that’s how it felt.

Then he arched up, and Yao cried out. So Ivan did it again, and again, and there in that perfect little room, Yao found his voice and cried again and again.

Then Yao pulled back, sat up so that his head brushed the branches and sent snow all over them, but it melted the moment it struck their bodies.

Yao was a natural. Found a rhythm that drove Ivan mad, too slow, too fast, he didn’t know. All Ivan knew was that pressure was building, and the pleasure was like pain, the way Yao kept slipping, sleek and tight and soft away from him and then coming back when the only thing he wanted was to grab him.

So finally he did that: grabbed Yao hips and held him where he had to be, and with a huge roar arched into him. Again and again, as fierce and as hard as he could.

Yao was panting and crying out, and Ivan could feel the tension gathering in the little body as if it were his own body.

And when the storm finally broke, it was the same moment for them, a shared moment, a shared tempest, a shared joy.


Original story: An Affair Before Christmas

Original Author: Eloisa James

Original Summary:

Magic under the mistletoe . . .

One spectacular Christmas, Lady Perdita Selby, known to her friends and family as Poppy, met the man she thought she would love forever. The devilishly attractive Duke of Fletcher was the perfect match for the innocent, breathtakingly beautiful young Englishwoman, and theirs was the most romantic wedding she had ever seen. Four years later, Poppy and the duke have become the toast of the ton . . . but behind closed doors the spark of their love affair has burned out.

Unwilling to lose the woman he still lusts after, the duke is determined to win back his beguiling bride's delectable affections . . . and surpass the heady days of first love with a truly sinful seduction.



Idiotichoboidiotichobo on May 12th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
Little Yao is so experienced for one so young xD
xblkdragonxxblkdragonx on May 14th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
looool I know, but that's how the story went. I couldn't help it XD. In my head, he and Ivan already did it few times already =v=+ so he knows exactly what he's doing ohohohoho
Kecen: seinheild in the nurse's officekecen on October 25th, 2010 12:16 am (UTC)
Oh, for a moment I thought this was all yours. Delightful story from James (and was Yao's placeholder a girl in the original?!)
xbdx_archive on October 25th, 2010 02:05 am (UTC)
Except for the cheat fics by the author Madelynne Ellis, the female character is always replaced by Yao looool.

I recommend the Desperate Duchess series by Eloisa James. The female characters in that series are delightful and feisty. Although Perdita (the one you just read) is the most tame of the Duchesses.