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29 December 2009 @ 03:54 am


A/n: OMFG I’m finally done!!! I thought this day would never come! *throws confetti*

Thank you Celeste for her opportune time of encouragement. Without, I probably would’ve scrapped this story. To Zuki who listened to me complain about this story every step of the way until the last sentence. For all the reviewers, I wanted to give you guys some special prize but I couldn’t think of anything. I can only give you guys internet hugs…but don’t doubt that all the reviews were the reason that this story got to where it was. (Well if u liked this story then that’s good news….)

Thanks to Kanki Youji for proofreading this

Please enjoy the end of 32 pages, 16,338 words of pointless, mind numbing smut :D

Unaware of the ongoing upstairs, the party had begun without the presence of their host. Guests from all over the world mingled- murmuring, laughing to one another, all dressed like birds of paradise. Couples situated themselves on the dance floor waiting for the waltz to start. A moment of stillness as the orchestra tuned their instruments. Tension rose with the cello, the violin as their stringed notes climbed higher and higher before the sudden suffocating silence. Then, the music began. Music floated out the window, up the balcony to fill hushed atmosphere that had settled around the two nations.

Russia laid contently beneath the small body, enjoying the slight pressure China exerted on his hips. China’s abrupt strength took him by surprise, yes, but unless he allowed it, no one could keep him pinned. Only a handful of other nations shared his monstrous physical power…China, sadly, wasn’t one of them. Nonetheless, he enjoyed the view. The rare sight of actually looking up at China, of having the other willingly straddle him, excited Russia beyond reason. His eyes became insatiable with the bewitching image of China with his hair unbound, his naked body on top of his. Ah no, he wasn’t naked; there was still the godforsaken shirt. It didn’t matter, he could keep it on. It’s not like it stopped Russia from getting his fill of the alluring form. In fact, it served to fuel his desire, not stop it. Hanging precariously on translucent shoulders, the torn shirt hid nothing from the Russian’s gaze; China’s entire front was exposed. Nothing was left for the imagination and yet China still found creative use for it. The moment he bent forward to whisper provocative words against Russia’s lips, the left side of the shirt slipped gracefully, elegantly off to cling to his elbow. Only China could perfect and combine the words decadence and beauty into one sentence, one being.

A trained siren indeed.

“Is that my reward for winning? You teach me the ancient art of love making?” Russia played with the black silk tickling his face. “Or is this another game we’re starting? Teacher-student roleplay perhaps?”

China chuckled, his finger circling a pert nipple. “It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s not often that I take an active role in our love making…. So enjoy this while you can.”

“Oh, I will. Don’t doubt that I won’t, Little Yao.” Russia stopped the teasing motion on his chest. “The question is, how ‘active’ do you expect to be?”

Eyes dancing with humor, China understood exactly what the other was asking. He daringly placed Russia’s arms above his head, holding it loosely with one hand. “Will you, Ivan?” Fingertips graced the Russian’s lips. It was an inquisitive caress, exploring the limit of the other’s patience. When he didn’t respond, China replaced the feather light touch with a soft kiss- asking for, enticing an answer. “Will you let me top?”

Russia nipped at the mouth hovering above his. “I’ll be the ‘woman’ when you’re no longer my ‘southern’ neighbor. Until then, you can ‘top’ by riding me.”

“That’s what I thought you’d say,” China sighed, removing his hand from Russia’s wrists. “Aren’t good students supposed to listen to their teachers? How can I teach if you’re unwilling to learn?”

“I’m interested in learning,” Russia said as he sat up, “but only if it concerns you.”

He pulled China onto his lap. “I’m interested in learning about you and your body. I want to know your every curve, every plane; you’re likes and dislikes. I want to know where to kiss to make you moan, to make you sigh. Show me, Yao. Show me how you like to be touched and pleased. Teach me….” Staring into the seraphic face, a sensation close to hunger filled Russia- a desire to close the distance between their bodies- but the next move belonged to China. What happened now depended on the actions of the nation in his embrace.

Surprisingly, China didn’t resist the intimate position Russia placed them in. Instead, he draped his arms over Russia’s shoulders, gathering him closer until their bare chests touched and their lips only a breath away. The sounds from below grew louder, but the two heard nothing. In the private little world Russia and China created for themselves, the music, the voices –everything-became nonexistent. In their heads, the simple, steady breathing of one another drowned out all noises. The sonance of the other was their melody; the heat and scent their lifeline. One moment they were mere inches away- an eternity-and then….

They kissed.

Even at this stage, China refused to voice what he wanted. Yet it was fine; Russia understood China’s need perfectly as delicate hands found itself at his nape, urging him silently to tilt his head up. Molding, shifting, petal soft lips pressed against his again and again, over and over, deepening their kiss.

This. This right here, right now reflected nothing of before. It was neither measured and manipulative nor fast and frantic. Not a hint or a sign of the dominance game they played earlier. Like a dream, everything had simply melted away without a trace. No longer was it about a power struggle between individuals. This taste, this feel, this languid kiss was a connection between lovers. Wordlessly, China told Russia what he wanted and Russia comprehended.

Slow. He wanted it slow.

The kiss came to an end with a parting of lips and a gentle sigh. As the cold air replaced the lingering softness of Russia’s kiss, China slowly opened his eyes. The one and only thing that filled his gaze was the memorizing color of orchid and the placid expression underneath. Unable to help himself, China smiled, pulling Russia closer before laying a genteel kiss on his forehead like a mother to a child.

Russia pouted slightly, putting on his childish façade to compliment China’s motherly instincts. “I’m not a kid anymore, Yao~ Stop treating me like one da?”

China laughed softly. “I know, I know.” Lips drifted from Russia’s forehead to lay kisses on the corner of his eyes, his cheeks, and the tip of his prominent nose. “Believe me, I know. I was just reminded of something…. Sorry.”

The ebb and flow of time was a meaningless thing to China. To him, an infinity was just a simple beat of the heart. In his countless millenniums of existence, he had watched things wither away, landmasses change. Lakes and rivers that were once vast became daunting desserts; the high jagged edges of cliffs are now worn and smooth from crescent crashes of the ocean’s waves.

There was once even a time in his long history of life when he shared a house with a small boy with large, violet eyes. Such a young nation and already experiencing the brutality of conquer; China couldn’t help but try to dull his pain. At night, when nightmares crawl out from the shadows and fear beckons, China would hold the screaming child in his arms, singing to him soft lullabies. Although the young nation understood nothing of the lyrical language, he still found comfort in the gentle voice and flowery aroma enveloping him.

In a matter of a few weeks, China’s calming presence had become a necessity for the boy; he would sneak into the older nation’s room and cuddle close, seeking warmth. The boy didn’t say, but China knew he had somehow become a surrogate parent for the lost child. China, missing his siblings, didn’t mind and welcomed the young one’s trust in him. During their time together under Mongolian rule, they had become each other’s support.

But people change; even nations are no exceptions to that rule.

Gone was that little boy that once tugged on his sleeves asking shyly for a hug. That Russia and this Russia were nothing alike. No more would innocent, chaste kisses on the forehead satisfy the grown child. The man in front of him right now demanded much more than simple kisses. When was it that he stopped feeling the platonic love of a guardian to his northern neighbor? Was it when he finally recognized that it was no longer a boy but a man that shared his bed?

Russia, noticing the smaller man’s lost in focus, nudged China’s lips with his own. “Something bothering you?” he asked in concern.

“Hmmm, no, nothing is bothering me.” China punctuated each murmur with a responding delicate kiss to Russia’s seeking mouth. “I was just thinking how cute you use to be.”

“Does that mean you don’t fine me cute anymore?” Russia batted his eyes prettily. “Yao, you wound me.”

China placed his hands right over Russia’s heart and paused. “Cute?” He gave the other an appraising look. His hands roamed over Russia broad chest, gliding over the Russian’s shoulders to push the dress shirt off. He could feel the tense muscles of the blonde’s back beneath his palms- the restrained power. “Cute is the farthest word I would use to describe you now, Ivan.”

Russia laughed and scooted China a bit higher on his hips until the evidence of their pleasure touched. “As much as I’d like you to shower me with compliments,” Russia said teasingly, “I rather do something else.” He planted a kiss in the middle of China’s chest. “I think I’m getting bored.”

“Bored?” China squirmed slightly. “Sure doesn’t feel like it to me….”

Russia growled low in his throat, “I want to be inside you now, Jao.”

“My, my so demanding. What happened to the patience you had for our cat and mouse game earlier?” China ground against Russia’s hip sadistically and chuckled when lilac eyes flashed him a warning.

Bending down to whisper into Russia’s ear, China scraped his nails along the larger man’s spine. “I also want to feel you inside me….”

Russia shut hit eyes against arousing pain raking across his back. “There’s a bottle of oil in the-”

“I have something a little better than oil….” China said before raining down slow, purposeful kisses on Russia’s cheek, neck, and shoulders- making sure each time the skin burned from his caress before moving on. A pink tongue flickered out to trail lower and lower on the fair body; his hands busied themselves learning and relearning every contour and every ridge of Russia. “Let me show you, my Russia....my Ivan.”

Russia made no sound. If China was profound patience then Russia was disciplined self-control.

Wordlessly, he allowed his silver clasp to come undone, felt his slacks become increasingly loose around his hips. Calmly, quietly he watched the Chinese nation catch the zipper between his teeth and pull down, down, down until- at last- only a thin fabric separated them. All of this was done to him and Russia did nothing in return. He just watched and waited. Anticipating.

He followed the lazy movements of those slim, experienced fingers with silent intensity; watching, feeling them slide higher and higher along his thigh- saw the delicate fingertips disappear into his pants’ opening- and then….

He groaned.

Russia could feel China’s cool fingers find and wrap themselves around his shaft. He gritted his teeth against the agonizing pleasure-pain coursing through him as China thoroughly examined the pulsing heat in his hand. The Chinese took his sweet, sweet time measuring the length, the width of his lover’s arousal, running an index finger along the underside from base to tip- feeling, enjoying the smoothness, the hardness of the Russian. When at last Russia elicited a barely audible moan, China finally gently freed Russia’s erection from its confinement and exposed it to the evening air and gold, molten eyes.

China dipped his head and Russia instinctively inhaled at the expected ecstasy he knew China would bring him, but a few millimeters short, China stopped. For a brief moment, China gazed up to meet Russia’s eyes as if asking for permission; hesitating despite the fact that he was close enough to seep and pour his hot breath against the blond nation’s cock. Russia smiled, grazing the back of his hand over the blushing cream colored cheek before tucking a satiny black strand behind the smaller nation’s ear.

What was only mere seconds, passed by like an eternity. Golden and violet eyes met, blending into an array of obscure colors- one asking, one answering. Seeing no signs of resistance in the laughing lavender eyes, China closed the few breaths of a distance between them and tasted every sensitive nerve, every surface he could find. Russia lifted his head and sighed at the first few tentative kisses of soft, supple lips against his hardness. He was lost in the pleasure filled rapture of China’s heated kisses and slick tongue, of his pressing and licking of the engorged organ with fervent lavishing. Russia gasped, feeling the warm, perfect doll-like hands envelop him-giving him an experimental squeeze. He felt his muscles tighten, his body strain as the smaller nation began running his enclosed hand up and down along his length- the friction and dryness long since gone. Russia thought this would be the extent of China’s exquisite ‘demonstration’. He thought he could hold onto his sanity until the end…. That was before he felt China take him deep into his hot, wet mouth.

As China’s lips slipped over his tip achingly, mind numbly slowly, Russia involuntarily bucked his hips in an attempt to feel more of the burning heat around him, surrounding him soon as possible. China responded to his eagerness with a disapproving growl, clasping onto the larger nation’s thighs with surprising force to both hold him still and spread him wider for easier ‘kissing’.

Russia took large gulps of air to calm his fevered body, but already the coiling sensation was building in his lower abdomen. His hands clenched at the bed sheets, feeling as if this was China’s revenge on him. It seemed like the other was relentless in his endeavor to make him feel the mindless pleasure he had thrown the raven-haired nation in earlier. Russia finally gazed down at the smaller man, expecting to see a triumphant look, but none greeted him. With one look at China’s face, Russia knew revenge was the last thing on the other’s mind.

The rays from the dying sun bathed him in a soft, ethereal red. Shadows cast by long lashes framed China’s cheekbones. Russia shuddered as he watched China take him deeper, his amber eyes locked behind closed lids in concentration. It wasn’t revenge that motivated him to push Russia to the brink. It was the selfless feeling of wanting his lover to feel absolute sexual gratification, regardless of the fact if he came to completion as well. Honorable as it was, that wasn’t what Russia wanted and feeling the increasing pressure, that was the inevitable end if he allowed this to continue.

“Jao….” Russia groaned as China purred in approval, a shiver of excitement rolling down his spine at the exotic pronunciation of his name. “Stop…stop it….Jao….” Instead of curbing his actions, the breathless whisper of his name only increased his vigor and generous attention. Russia began taking shallow breaths, his body winding and winding tighter and tighter until he spilled over the edge. Almost…God…almost….Then, with a lustful sigh, China released his quarry; Russia’s tense muscles set to spring but a moment before, began to uncoil and relax.

“Yao…,” Russia called out as China’s soft form slowly sidled up his body until they once again sat face to face with China sitting astride. At the mention of his name, China glanced back before looking away with a blush. Russia tiredly laughed. Bold one minute and shy the next, his Oriental lover was full of contradictions. Even as they sat practically naked to each other’s appraisal in the most intimate of positions, he still averted his eyes, wiping the remnants of Russia’s essence from the corner of his mouth with embarrassment.

Unable to resist the image of temptation China painted, Russia grabbed his moving wrist and cupped the back of the smaller man’s neck. “You missed a spot.” His tongue danced over the shimmering lips. “Want me to help?”

The teasing impish question shattered all of China’s reserve. The murmured “stupid” was cut short as Russia sealed China’s lips with his own, capturing him in a kiss. To Russia’s immense delight, instead of struggling, China’s slender arms clung to his shoulders- holding, embracing him close. Without any urging, his lustrous lips parted for Russia’s adventurous tongue. He could still taste himself inside of China’s mouth, but even then, it couldn’t hide the sweet, honeyed taste of China. No matter what fine cuisine or delicacy he sampled, it could never compare to what the person in his arms offered him. And as China slipped the rest of his shirt off, running lazy circles over his back, he knew China shared his sentiments. He made quick work of China’s own torn shirt and threw it haphazardly to the side.

“Beautiful,” Russia uttered, breaking away from the kiss to admire China’s naked form.

China pounced back on him, nipping his lips roughly. “I’m not a woman,” he growled, “Don’t call me ‘beautiful’.”

“But you are.” Russia’s fingers slid over China’s rib cage to rest on his waist. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I thought that when I was child and I still think that now.”

“Mmm, such pretty words coming from a pretty mouth. Should I reward you now?”

Dropping their playful charade, Russia asked in concern, “Yao, wait. You need-”

“Hush.” China placed an index finger on the other’s lip. “I know my body best.” He replaced his hand with a soft, placating kiss. “If you touch me again, I’ll be too tired to do anything else. That’ll violate our terms of agreement then wouldn’t it?” The older nation sat upon his knees, taking hold of Russia’s hard erection. “And we wouldn’t want that now do we?”

“Yes, but, Yao-” Anything Russia wanted to say from that point on was lost. Words were no longer needed. A gasp and then a groan fell from his lips like droplets as China slowly descended; his cock slipping past the first ring of muscles. He quivered, his body strung tight. Hurting. Hurting to thrust himself hard into the warmth viciously teasing him- sending him to both heaven and hell. A small sob quickly brought him back to his pleasure induced senses. Russia felt a stab of guilt mixed with possessiveness fill his heart at the tiny teardrops dusting the long, ebony lashes.

“I’m sorry.” Russia kept repeating, kissing them away, knowing full well that he could do nothing to numb the initial pain. “I’m sorry.”

China shook his head at the comfort Russia tried to offer him. It wasn’t his fault. Apologies weren’t needed. What he needed…what he needed right now was….

He opened his thighs and Russia was sliding in, and it was different- so different than before. The Russian’s hands were curled around his bottom but his entire being was focused somewhere else.

Slow, slow, slow

China could feel every inch. It was enthralling- a bit painful- exquisite. He grabbed onto Russia’s neck-his only hold onto reality- and placed his forehead upon the other, taking in his entire scent. China took another inch, the pleasure of it streaked like fire down his legs. He cried out quietly, his breath mingling with the rasping breath of the larger nation. China waited, adjusting to the invasion, his thickness, his possession. He stole another inch and moaned against Russia’s lips.

“Ivan,” China panted, kissing the laugh lines at the corner of the Russian’s eyes, “close your eyes.”

Once the iridescent eyes were hidden beneath golden lashes, China held his face between his hands, laying their sweat matted heads together. His hair curtained them once more as he brushed his lips lovingly over Russia’s. Then, with one deep breath, China arched his back and Russia filled him. All the way. A groan was ripped from the blonde’s lungs and China would have done the same but he couldn’t breathe. It felt that good.

China began rocking his hips. Russia was sliding into him and it was like silk, easier the second time, better the third, dizzying the fourth…he lost track. The world beyond the scent, sound, feel of their love making dwindled and disappeared. Every gasp, every sigh, every movement was intensified by their loss of sight. They couldn’t depend on expression or words to understand the other’s pleasure. Just the increased heat of the other’s body, of their louder moan- their every breath- indicated their building passion.

They were both sweaty now, and flames were licking at China’s legs, his stomach. He clutched at the larger nation’s shoulder, pulling them close until their cheeks nuzzled. The painful need to ride Russia harder faster was overridden by his desire to just feel him inside- filling him, completing him. He slowed down each time he thrust himself upon Russia, feeling the incredible stretching. The smaller nation cried out each time he took the other down to the hilt; his heavy, hot breathing sending waves of desire coursing through the Russian’s body. He was arching against Russia, feeling every time the other pushed back, but it wasn’t happening. He gasped against Russia’s ear, tightening.

Russia bit into China’s shoulder, making his southern neighbor produce a breathy moan, yet it wasn’t enough. Russia tried to snake a hand between their bodies to stroke China’s rock hard arousal, but China stopped him. “No…no. Not yet….”

Russia didn’t listen. Even though he enjoyed China taking control, showing his rare affectionate side, it was all meaningless if they couldn’t fall into mindless abyss together. He ignored the other’s cry of surprise as he tilted China backward onto the bed, his body towering over the small body. China had wanted to protest- it was on the tip of his tongue- but Russia’s intense gaze silenced him. With deliberate ease and tenderness, Russia took hold of China’s hand and kissed every single knuckle before interlocking it lightly in his. The Chinese’s ink black hair became the backdrop of their joined hands as Russia placed them upon the mattress.

Their gaze didn’t waver and China was drowning in those orchid eyes, being swallowed by the light shining within. Little thoughts floated through his mind and then, feeling Russia lift his legs higher, he was lost in a sea of pleasure. Russia thrust into him and China moaned at the change in angle, the deeper penetration. This was what it was like making love to a man, rather than a boy. It was all different: the heat, the strength, the-

He couldn’t even count the ways it was different. A moan escaped him again as Russia mirrored his earlier rhythm, sliding in him excruciatingly slow. But- China gripped the large hand in his and gasped- with every thrust into his body, Russia was picking up pace, hitting his pleasure spot with increasing frequency. Too much. It was becoming too much….

Russia drank in the sight of China’s restless body beneath his; his head turning to and fro- frustrated and desperate for release. Russia moved the hand he had on China’s thigh to brace himself on either side of the older nation. He kissed the other man deep and sweet- swallowing all the lovely sound and noises- all the while, his hips were pumping back and forth. Harder. Harder. Faster. China hooked one leg around Russia’s waist so he was just a bit higher, so that when Russia thrust into him, it wasn’t just pleasurable but pure, unadulterated paradise.

China was panting, his nails digging into the back of Russia’s hand. He was strung tight, little jolts of ecstasy flowing through his body every time Russia entered him. He arched his back, waiting and waiting for something that would push him over. Russia gasped, feeling China’s entrance tightening. He was straining to keep control of his body, but China was making it difficult with each arch and sigh. His legs were quaking with the effort to hold back, he could feel the building pressure return. Russia bent over China’s stretched form and wrapped his hand around the neglected arousal. He gave it a firm stroke, his thumb circling the head and soon that warm, white liquid spilled over his hand. With one final thrust into the soft, soft body, Russia found his own release. Only little muffled sounds filled the room as Russia silenced their cries of fulfillment with a bruising kiss.

Spent and tired and entirely satisfied, Russia rolled their bodies to lay on their side. The sound of their heavy breathing was slowly replaced by the music and chatter as the outside world began to slowly intrude back upon them. He gathered China in his arms and still wanting to preserve the façade of their imaginary seclusion, whispered into the dark tresses, “Are you okay, Yao?”

“Hmm,” China answered, sleep already tugging at him. “I’m…fine.” He opened his tired eyes to cup Russia’s cheek. “What about you? Wasn’t this an important party? Is it alright to miss it?”

Russia laughed, placing a fond kiss on China’s nose. “You don’t have to worry about me. The meeting yesterday already took care of the formalities. It was more important for me to keep America away from you.”

Eyes closed, China’s mind was already drifting to a stop, Russia’s comforting body heat and low voice lulling him to sleep. “Hm…Amer…ica….”

Russia smiled, playing with the silky ends of black hair as he watched China struggle to stay awake and losing the battle. An overwhelming need to stay beside China overtook him, but even in early spring, the nights were cold. His eyes scanned the room before he found the down comforter on the floor, pushed off the bed during their lovemaking. He carefully covered their naked bodies with the blanket and held China close, tucking himself beneath the other’s chin like a child. Just as his breathing began to steady and a dreamless sleep fill his mind, China stiffened in his arms.

“Yao?” Russia asked in confusion as China bounded out of his arms and off the bed, a fear stricken look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

The other nation ignored him, curses in multiple Chinese dialects falling from his lips like rain. “Shirt! Where’s my fucking shirt?!”

Russia raised an eyebrow at the unexpected expletive from the usually calm and composed man who prided in himself to keep a cool demeanor. Russia would be lying if he said he didn’t find amusement in seeing China scowl when he finally found his torn shirt before throwing it back down on the floor in disgust. In all of his naked glory, he strode quickly to the velvet curtains where they did illicit things earlier and whipped it angrily aside to grab his discarded pants. Russia thought he heard a familiar scream of “Latviaaaaa”, but he didn’t have time to digest the information as China climbed back onto bed.

Since his shirt was beyond saving, it seemed like he decided Russia’s larger one would have to make due. He was reaching for it when Russia caught him and pinned him down on the bed. “Yao, what are you doing?” Russia couldn’t keep the laughter out of his voice seeing China’s odd behavior.

“Let me go!” China yelled, kicking his legs uselessly. “I have to save my pandas! I don’t want to call them McLingLing or Nugget Su Lin.”

“What are you talking about? Expl- Oof” Russia grunted as China head butted him straight in the chin.

“I don’t have time to explain! Knowing, America, he’s probably already making a commercial on the new panda names! I have to stop him!”

Putting two and two together, Russia burst out laughing. “Yao…are you telling me, the ‘important meeting’ you had with America earlier was for the names of your pandas?”

“Of course! Pandas are my mascot! I can’t let him ruin their livelihood with a stupid name like Big Mac Gao Gao!” China jerked on Russia’s shirt, stomping his way towards the door, muttering under his breath, “If I get my hands on that fat ass….”

When China was halfway across the room, Russia hopped out of bed and scooped him in his arms, carrying him bridal style.

“Ivan! Put me down! I really don’t have time to play with you anymore!”

“Yao never has time to play with me” Russia walked to the other side of the room. “That’s why we should make due with what we have da?”

“I’m serious. I have to go and stop that hamburger brain now!” China tried to wiggle himself free, but Russia just held him tighter.

“You can go right now if you want to” Russia gave him a smug look. “I don’t mind if America knows just how…close we are.”

China immediately stopped batting and clawing at the Russian’s chest. “What are you talking about?”

Russia kicked open the bathroom door, depositing the now placid nation down on the floor. “Wouldn’t you like to shower first?” Russia bent down to whisper into China’s ear seductively, “You reek of sex. And….” He grabbed the other’s bottom, eliciting a cry of surprise from the smaller nation. “You’re still filled with my seed aren’t you? They’re dripping out aren’t they?” He chuckled as China flushed a crimson red. “Go if you like but you’d just be advertising to him what you were doing instead of going to the ‘important meeting’. You’d just be telling him you were fucking me just before seeing him. That’ll be nice.”

China pushed Russia away from him, his shaking hands undoing the buttons he rushed to put on earlier. “F-fine. Shower first then pandas. Happy?”

Russia pushed away China’s fumbling hands and undid the buttons, steadily exposing flawless skin. “Oh yes. Having sex in while taking a hot shower has always been a fantasy of mine.”

A/N: Okay…this will have a LONG note.

To anyone that actually remembered about the pandas, I’ll give you internet cookies XD. My first objective of making this loooong was to make ppl forget about the pandas. I just didn’t expect it would take me 5 months OTL

Someone once mentioned that I took the plot from a RussiAmerica fic called “Where in the World is Alfred Jones”. While the “hide and seek” idea is both used, my story was actually inspired by a fantasy-romance novel called “Holy Smokes” but Katie MacAlister. If you want to read the portion that “Hide and Seek” was born from, please check out my cheatfic link (in my profile for DA and FF. Provided for in my LJ).

I rushed the ending. I really, really wanted to create a slow but intense atmosphere but I plain got sick of this story and wanted it to END! So…I kinda reverted back to rough smex just because it’s easier to write :P

I won’t name her but she asked me to write the graphic XXX rated smex scene I took out right before Ivan tossed Yao onto the bed. I was going to write it in just where HAS ended in the shower. But I cannot write sex anymore. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but TOO MUCH SEX IS BAD FOR YOU!

And so I substituted that scene for Yao giving Ivan oral….

It’s kinda moot now, but the previous chapter of this was suppose to be the rough sex while the last part was suppose to be slow.


Bianca Neveneve_bianca on December 30th, 2009 12:42 am (UTC)
Finally! ))))) Oh, Yunbi, dear, we waited it pretty long ))))
xbdx_archive on December 30th, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
...First posted on July 30th so...5 months X"DDDD

m(_ _)m thank you for your patience
Bianca Neveneve_bianca on December 30th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC)
It is worth the waiting! ))
nijibug on December 30th, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
“Ivan,” China panted, kissing the laugh lines at the corner of the Russian’s eyes, “close your eyes.”

That is the most beautiful thing. Ever. Ever. Omg. ;___;
Wenkuwarii on December 30th, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
Oh god, my fill of rochu smut is complete (for the day) : D
Although I must say, the last part where Ivan's all "You're still filled with my seed aren't you? They're dripping out aren't they?"

Vanya you so bad XDDD
Lomelindifirebird_88 on January 2nd, 2010 05:35 am (UTC)
What. Epic. Smut. d^_^b Love the descriptions, very elegant and smexy at the same time. Smut is so hard to write sometimes. D:

I particularly like the sweet/snarky end (but I did remember the pandas, LOL) and how absolutely possessive Ivan is. Poor Alfred would be traumatized if he knew.

It's okay, I've taken a lot longer than 5 months to write my stories. << >>;