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07 December 2009 @ 11:56 pm
Hide and Seek 5  


A/N: I absolutely HATED this chapter. I’m sorry if this chapter sucked. I honestly don’t know what’s going on anymore. I wrote this 2 weeks ago but I abhorred it so I rewrote it... over and over again and yet it still turned out to be garbage. I honestly, honestly apologize….

On another note, I would like to thank my beta, Kanki Youji, for doing a terrific job. I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this :C

Tilting her head in bewilderment, Ukraine paused in her steps. “Ivan…what was that sound just now?”

“What sound?” Russia’s voice smooth and rich as aged rum, cascaded over China’s flesh, warming it.

“I thought I heard something….”

“You are imagining things, dear sister.”

His voice dipped low, a whispered secret spoken solely for China’s ears. “Isn’t that right, Yao?” Ignoring the tightening ring of muscles around his finger, Russia pressed in deeper. “All in her imagination….”

China took short, staccato breaths through the hand muffling his cries. He gritted his teeth against the sudden intrusion; clawing the window pane when he felt the Russian inside of him. Tired, he was so tired and exhausted from the whirlwind of sensation and emotions. China could do nothing more than glare wearily as Russia removed the hand over his mouth and placed it above his head. The larger nation licked at the thin sheet of sweat dotting the pale nape and smiled.

“I want to hear the sweet sounds you usually make, Jao,” Russia inserted another finger, “Pretty please?”

China whimpered.

“There! I heard it again! R-Russia, w-what are you doing over there?” Ukraine wrung her hands nervously unsure if she really wanted to hear the answer.

“Nothing, Olya. I’m just…punishing a cat?” China didn’t hear the subtle insult, didn’t hear anything at all over the roaring in his head. He was panting, gasping uncontrollably, struggling to regain his composure but his body wouldn’t obey. Shameful as it was, liquid trickled down the back of China’s thighs as his hips arched of its’ own accord to meet Russia’s movements. Now, his fingers slick with China’s lubricant, he stretched him, thrusting repeatedly inside, preparing him for what’s to come later. The smaller nation keened. Almost, almost Russia reached his pleasure spot but not yet. Too shallow. He needed more.

Ukraine relaxed at the joy she heard in Russia’s voice and resumed walked towards the grand window. He must be very happy indeed- he even used the familiar form of her name! Of course she felt sympathy for the cat, but as long as it kept Russia happy and diverted the attention from the massive debt she owed her little brother, she was grateful to the poor thing.

“Would you like me to take care of it as you greet the guests?” Ukraine asked standing right in front of the curtains patiently.

Uncaring of Ukraine’s presence, China couldn’t stand it anymore, couldn’t stand Russia’s teasing touches. He cried out. His cries, however died before it even reached the woman’s ears. When he noticed the lithe man rear his head, Russia quickly sealed China’s mouth with a kiss. Tongues and lips interlocking, he swallowed every ounce of noise the smaller nation made. Despite his threats and tendency to bait his dark eyed lover, Russia also preferred to keep their personal lives private. Not once did it cross his mind to let Ukraine know the extent of the intimacy he shared with his southern neighbor. It didn’t stop him, though, from wanting to torture China just a tiny bit for making him play along with his demented game of slow seduction.

The curtains rustled behind them as the female nation reached to pull it back. Knowing how much China cared for modesty, Russia quickly shielded the Chinese with his body. “Ukraine,” Russia spoke in a commanding tone.

Ukraine hesitated, the curtains fluttering back into place when she heard the underlying warning, “Y-yes?”


“B-but the party….”

Russia’s voice became softer as it became more threatening. “Why is it when I purposely go find you, you always run away,” He pressed butterfly kisses onto China’s heated skin, “but when I want you to leave, you’re still around?”


“Should I collect the money now since you’re so willing to stay?”

Ukraine burst into frightful tears, hurrying her way towards the door as fast as she could.

“Don’t forget to lock the door on your way out~” Russia called to her one last time.

Reason returning to him once again, China immediately pushed himself away from the window and larger nation the moment the door clicked shut. Russia clicked his tongue as he caught China in his arms when the others shaky legs gave away beneath him.

“Was I too rough?” he teased the elder, “We haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet.”

Too worn and frustrated, China stopped pretending to be oblivious to Russia’s wish. “You know there are gentler ways, Russia, to make me express myself.”

He threw China onto the bed, crawling on top of him, “And yet none of them make you say my name.”

His hand caressed a creamy thigh, “We’ve done it your way for many years now. If you’re ‘tiring’ of it, don’t you think perhaps it’s time for a change, hm?”

China blinked, confused, before understanding dawned on him. He smiled, wrapping his arms around Russia’s neck to bring him down for a kiss. So he was still annoyed by that silly comment. He lifted one of his legs and traced the back of Russia’s calves with his foot idly. “It’s not my fault you don’t have the…finesse to keep me entertained.”

With trained experience, China flipped their bodies upon the mattress until he straddled Russia beneath his light weight. Instead of being alarmed at the sudden action, the Russian looked intrigued. He silently questioned what the smaller man hoped to accomplish by pining him down.

“I haven’t lived for millenniums for nothing.” China said, his hands leisurely popping the buttons of Russia’s dress shirt one by one. With each fastening coming undone, revealing more of the fair colored skin, China ran his hands languidly down the broad chest. He gazed at Russia, a small secret on his smile. Like his amethyst counterpart, China’s metallic eyes also darkened with arousal. However, instead of burning with hungry desire, restrained passion simmered just beneath the surface. Nonetheless, Russia shivered from the heat he found in China’s eyes. “Shall I teach you the correct way, Ivan?” He bent down, his hair falling over his shoulders to blanket them. “Shall I show you what I’ve learned over the centuries?”


1) I cut down on this chapter by removing a scene. In the original, after Ukraine left, they actually do the smut against the window and the Baltics appear below. Yao see's them and pushes away before anyone of them can see him. However, Latvia was quite unlike that when he looked up he saw Ivan half undressed? The next thing we hear is Estonia yell "LATVIIAAAA" as Ivan walks away from the window and tosses Yao onto the bed.

I took it out because a) this is becoming too long and b) I felt it was quite redundant since we already had Ukraine walk in

2) Ukraine...there was so many scenarios going through my head. The one the ended up in the story is the "original" scene I had. The alternate scenes was:

a) Russia threatens Ukraine to leave and as she ponders the sudden change, she finally figures out what is going on and has a conversation with Russia in Russian
"Then I shall lock the door so Belarus won't interrupt you with your...cat." As she walks away she calls back "Please send China my regards."

b) She actually flips open the curtain but Russia quickly shields China's body from Ukraine's eyes with his own (he's still dressed by the way).

Alright that's done with what happened with the story. Now to ch6

EDIT: ...wow I sounded really b*tchy in my last author's note. So sorry *sweat drops*. Um...anyway ch6 will be the last chapter. AT LAST THE SMUT! NO MORE FOREPLAY!!! 8D As mentioned in the previous A/N, it's no longer about power and dominance but sensuality and tenderness. I'll go into detail about why it switches towards the end in my author's note for ch6 so please stick around for that.