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07 December 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Hide and Seek 4  


The completed Ch4 finally

I did update this periodically but I don't think ppl noticed...ah well anyway, it's done now :0

A scream. China threw his head back and screamed; Russia could feel his body tremble from the pure ecstasy he was giving him. He chuckled, impressed. Even in his throes of mindless pleasure, China was still dignified, his scream silent. Rather than hearing it, it was something Russia felt instead wreck through the small frame. Ah well. He renewed his vigor on China’s arousal, lavishing his undying attention to it. China didn’t have to scream. He’ll settle for a cry, a moan, or even a simple gasp. It didn’t matter. Just one sound, a single noise was all he needed. After all Ukraine was steadily getting closer.

Hands that covered his mouth, quickly flew to bury themselves in Russia’s silver blond hair; whether to stop or urge him to continue, China didn’t know. All he knew was that he was fighting between desire and dignity; his body arched for completion- reaching, straining for it even as his mind rebelled at the thought. No…no…no, no, no, no! Not like this! Never like this! It was demeaning. It was immoral…but he was so close, so close and –he shakily exhaled when Russia swirled his tongue- Russia felt so good. Just a bit more. A tiny bit more….

His ears caught the sound of Ukraine sighing in exasperation, “Really! What were you doing in here, little brother? Look at this mess!”

Though he couldn’t see, he heard the clinks of the vase as the female nation picked up the broken shards. China bit his lips. No, this had to stop. This had to stop now. He would rather die than let anyone know the…the liberties the larger nation was allowed to take on his body. He sunk his nails into Russia’s scalp, tugging, clawing at it to get the Russian’s attention. Slowly, Russia raised his head to meet China’s golden gaze.

Accustomed to stealing glances at one another during meetings, they’ve long since developed the necessary skills to speak without speaking. No words were needed; a look was more than enough for the silent conversation to transpire between them.

Stop it, Russia. No more. I don’t want this.

China tried to push the larger nation away but Russia simply held on fast, leaving imprints on the supple thigh, and refused to budge.

Dear little Yao, if you want me to stop, go ahead- try and make me. That is if you can stop me without sister noticing. Scratch me too hard and I just might let out a little yelp.

Lavender eyes smiled up at the Chinese, crinkling in the corner from amusement

I wonder what she’ll say if she finds out the dirty things we’ve been doing while she was in the room….

Russia raised a perfectly arched eyebrow in question.

Shall we find out?

To prove his point, he tightened his lips around the base of China’s arousal before lazily sliding it upwards in an agonizingly unhurried pace, wanting to savor every taste of China’s sex. Russia sighed in contentment as the sinewy cock slipped out of his mouth, letting his hot breathe run along the sensitive tip of China’s erection. When the smaller nation did nothing other than quiver in his arms, Russia smiled in satisfaction. Pride comes before the fall and most definitely China’s pride cost him this game. He won- they both knew it- but he wanted his southern neighbor to voice his defeat in that sweet, sweet voice of his. Russia would accept nothing less than total surrender. He looked at China through hooded eyes.

I’m giving you a chance, Yao. Stop me while you can or else I’ll just continue doing whatever I want…that is what we agreed on right?

Russia tilted his head up and opened his mouth. Wet, sticky liquid coated the inside- dripping, oozing from his palate down to his tongue. A thread of saliva clung to his lips, the ends of it hanging off the edges of Russia’s mouth and the very tip of China’s shaft; a cruel reminder of the sordid thing Russia did and was still planning to do. The delicate lining snapped when Russia closed his mouth and licked his lips.


To Russia’s amusement and China’s utter shame, the organ held securely in Russia’s grip twitched, growing harder beneath the Russian’s heated gaze. Unlike its’ owner, it unabashedly begged for the larger man’s attention. It cried, trickling thick, clear fluid down its’ length to soak the hands wrapped around it, asking Russia silently for his love and touch. A low laugh rumbled out of Russia’s chest. He removed one of his hands to examine the evidence of Yao’s desire. Even if China’s every word, every action denied his want and need for him, his body never lied. If anything, it was the only honest thing about China; his one weakness that allowed others to read his otherwise impeccable defenses. Glancing up, his face softened into a sultry expression as a telltale blush blossom suffused China’s alabaster cheeks. Is it any wonder he always end up bedding the slender being whenever they met?

Years together, a series of give and take, Russia has since given up the notion of China openly declaring his love for him. Not only were they far and few in between, it was always reluctantly spoken through clenched teeth. Again and again, China told him like a wise elder to a naive child, actions that took time and effort were worth a hundred times more than words spoken lightly. Affection in his culture was shown through subtle touches, quiet gestures; one had to find the hidden meanings and treasure the time and effort it took to unraveling the riddle to truly appreciate the beauty of love. Frustrating as it was in the beginning, Russia eventually accepted China’s way. Actions spoke louder than words didn’t they? Wasn’t that what China was trying to tell him? It didn’t matter; he eventually found a way to make China fulfill a lover’s duty.

Eyes never straying from China’s face- practically daring the smaller nation to watch- Russia pressed his mouth beside the drenched arousal. His tongue darted out, allowing the thick liquid to flow into his mouth. He kissed it away- licking, tasting, swallowing it. China’s shivers were his addiction, the quiet gasp his music. Their relationship has since gone beyond from being just physical but the physical aspect was fueled by their love. Centuries, millenniums were spent gazing at his southern border, hoping just to catch a glimpse of the Oriental. In ancient times when China was the closest to God, he could do nothing but look at him from a distance in awe. How could such beauty and grace exist in one being? How could the universe be so cruel to let him only watch as the mythical creature float past, none the wiser of his existence? Look but not touch? China never noticed him, never cared of his well being while in turn Russia’s admiration grew into a buried obsession he didn’t know he carefully nursed over the course of his life. But the God fell, stolen of his pedestal. He no longer wore long, silk robes threaded with gold; his skin once so pure and flawless became riddled with blood and dirt. In his weakest state, in his darkest hours, seeking power and guidance, Russia offered him his hands.

Decades went by without him stealing a glance at his southern neighbor. He was busy building his empire, bettering the lives of his people and those around him to waste time pining away at a long, unfulfilled dream. As he grew stronger day by day, China was pushed to the brink of collapse. He’d never forget the first time they met when it was he, not China, who walked among the clouds. Russia never expected the once proud nation to sit so dejectedly on the muddy ground; the hair he watched in the past, gleaming, shining in the sun, now hung limply across his shoulders matted and tangled. Still so clearly he could remember the way China at first hesitantly lifted his hand to grasp onto his as if afraid it was all a desperate hallucination. He never knew the strength of the frail body until the small, delicate hand clasped his tightly with all its’ might, never wanting to let go.

He always knew the Oriental was special, gifted with fertile land and prosperous dynasties. He thought his fascination with the southern nation stemmed from his jealousy, but as his stared down at the weakened man, their hands still intertwined, he felt the eternal winter around his heart begin to thaw. It did not escape his observant eyes the beauty of the other nation. He certainly was lovely with his womanly features accompanied by eyes that burned with defiance and inner strength; beaten and downtrodden, he still seemed ethereal and elegant amass the turmoil around him. Delectable as China was, it was none of those that made his frozen heart race.

Never has anyone or anything gazed at him the way China did at the moment. Disgust, reverence, hate, admiration- Russia experienced it all, but the way China smiled at him contained none of the familiar emotions he knew. Those eyes crinkling at the corner, the soft smiled directed at him only spoke of relief and happiness. To him, Russia was not someone to be feared. To him, Russia was his salvation, his beacon of light, the person who would help him pave a way to a better future.

Yes. Most definitely yes, Russia knew China was special. Wasn’t that why he chipped away at their border? He wanted what the other nation had that made him unique. What he didn’t expect was for China to be special to him in whole different way. His treasury might be satisfied with just occupying the lands but he, Ivan, wouldn’t be. Now that he knew the beauty of that gentle smile he once saw from a distance, he thirsted for it. Until he possessed China heart, body and soul, he would never be satisfied. Finally, after patiently waiting, at last he could have China and he was never, ever going to let go.

Russia pressed the arousal onto China’s stomach, exposing the underside. He dipped his head to suckle the folds of the smaller man’s sac, his hand pumping the slick organ above him continuously. Hearing China cry out an unintelligible noise, Russia's heart sang with delight.

He honestly knew that the raven haired nation felt the same but he couldn’t help his insecurities. After their separation, almost half a century passed them by until they saw each other once again. As nations, it seemed no longer than a blink of an eye but it was enough. By then, China had changed. He was no longer the poor, defenseless nation who needed his help. They were equals; Russia did not have to bend down this time around to offer China his hand to shake. In just 40 years, it seemed his place in the Chinese’s heart shifted. Once again the older nation regarded him as a child instead of the savoir he once was. It’s only when they’re at this state does he feel content that China feels the same. He only wanted to know China’s feelings for him, but if he can’t get the stubborn nation to say it, then he’ll make him unable to deny it with his body.

China shuddered. The very sight of the blonde’s head between his naked thighs, servicing him, made every breath a struggle. The devious mouth kissing along his length, drinking his essence; those cruel hands touching him in all the right places, in all the right ways, were forcing, pushing him to the inevitable end. No more, he couldn’t take it anymore. Things had spiraled out of control and out of China’s predictions; the chess set had an extra piece Russia was taking full advantage of. Unlike the overly expressive love of the European nations, Russia and China’s were a simmering passion hidden from curious eyes. The inner working of their relationship was only something they understood and the others guessed. The world might assume it is Russia who has a larger sexual appetite but they would be wrong. To his people China is seen as noble and majestic, to the world he is cunning and cold, but neither fitted the courtesan role he played in the privacy of his relationship with Russia.

It is not that he finds pleasure in playing a woman. It is not that all. Just as Russia enjoys seeing him lose his composure, China finds childish delight in ripping away the Russian’s steadfast control. What he cannot show the world, he finds solace in amethyst eyes; revealing only to Russia the side of him that wishes to be pampered and revered, the seducer, the tease. He is ancient- one of the oldest nation alive- yes, but it does not signify perfection. He is riddled with worries and aches but he is never allowed to show weakness. Was it wrong to feel young again? To be reminded of carefree days and not have eyes following, condemning him? With Russia, he didn’t have to be perfect. They understood each others’ weaknesses and ugliness. He had nothing the larger nation had not yet seen. That didn’t mean he wanted Ukraine to know his secrets as well. China quickly tried to remove his leg from the other nation’s shoulder and away from this compromising position.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Russia said in a lilting voice aimed at China.

The sounds of cleaning stopped as the female nation paused in her work, “Excuse me?”

Unable to bear it any longer, China closed his eyes, hoping to escape reality for just a moment but a sharp bite made him gasp and glance back down.

Watch me. Watch what I’m doing to you, Yao.

Russia pressed his closed-mouth smile along the tip of the sopping wet organ. He watched the uneven rise and fall of the smaller nation’s chest. Taking his sweet time, he slipped the cock passed his lips, letting his tongue swirl around the head round and round, the circles becoming smaller and smaller until, at last, it found the slit…he pressed his tongue into it. The moment he felt China tense, Russia tightened his grip on the arousal, laughing as he denied the smaller man his climax.

Ignorant of the happenings behind her, Ukraine dusted her hands, admiring her handiwork, “Done!”

She turned back to the curtain, a nervous smiled plastered on her face, “R-Russia, we really must hurry to the party. Natalia and I were sent to find you. I-It’s starting soon.”

Draped over Russia, tired and spent, China heard the soft, even footsteps steadily approach them. No longer caring about dominance and power, China clutched onto Russia’s sleeve, silently pleading him to stop this. The blond shook his head.

Beg me.

Ukraine was now close enough he could hear the swish of her clothes as she walked closer. Either be exposed or swallow his pride. He had no other choice. Taking a calming breath, China bent down until his lips touched Russia’s ear and carefully whispered, “Please, Ivan. Please…I…I’m begging you….”

“I want you to show me sincerity,” Russia whispered back, “Turn around and face the window, China.”

Reluctantly, the Chinese nation turned as ordered and warily watched Russia get up, dusting off his pants. He hugged China from the back, his front pressed firmly with the other’s back as their eyes met in the reflection.

“Do not forget you’re promise,” China mouthed.

“She won’t find out,” Russia contently laid his head on the Chinese’s collar bone while he worked the rest of China’s pants off, letting it pool on the floor. Smiling into China’s eyes from the window, he nipped at the tantalizing skin, “That is of course as long as you keep quiet….”

A/n: Actually ch4 is suppose to be waaay longer than this but this is a good cut off spot. The story is about 75% done. I say that because I had to cut off a part to keep the story from dragging OTL

I would like to apologize on the writing again. I'm not a patient person and so this story is taking it's toll on me. I'm starting to reeeaaallly hate it at this point but I'll try my best to complete it with the original goal in mind.

...I just realized it took me 7 hours to write 750 words....100 words per hour. Screwed. I am so screwed.