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07 December 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Hide and Seek 3  


A/N: Like I said, this is a plotless story that somehow got longer than it was suppose to be.

Like I said, I am not a smut writer. I can write the build up just fine since I can get descriptive as much as I want on they feel and what they want but when it comes down to the action, nope. There are only so many words to describe body parts (i.e. mouth, lips...what else can you use?). I include hard kissing as smut. Just telling you guys my writing style changes once it hits the smut.....

Smiling at China’s receding figure, Russia leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed against his chest. Who said he was an inconsiderate lover? Twenty seconds, he’ll give China a twenty second head start and hopefully this time he can at least find a proper hiding place. He’ll let the old, stubborn tiger have his way just a little longer, be a tiny bit more willful. After all Russia was going to win this game; it was why he proposed it in the first place. On any other day, he might’ve been worried that his cunning little minx might actually escape his grasp- but not today. Today was special. His house was hosting a party and preparations have already been made. Russia straightened from the doorway, humming a cheerful tune as he walked leisurely towards where he knew China was- the only place the tease could be. In light of the multitudes of guests, all the rooms were locked except for a select few. In the direction where China ran, only one room was left unlocked.

Hm…what shall he do when he caught dark haired nation? Tie and gag him? No, no, no; been there, done that. Whips and blood play? Russia reached the end of the hall, his hand opening the door to his left with an audible click. Ah, but it would be such a pity to scar such pristine white canvas, tempting though it may be. Sometimes it amazed Russia how scorching hot beneath his lips and roaming hands the snow white skin actually was. Perhaps that is the reason why he no longer dreads the constant visits of cold winters in his home. Summer always comes after winter and China, despite his cold demeanor, can be made to writhe with wanton wants. With enough persuasion and finesse, any ice cold exterior can be melted. Of course if you can’t melt it with passion, you can always shatter it to pieces with sheer force to get what you want. What’s the fun in that though?

Taking someone by force, the victim becomes free of responsibility and soon they’ll erase you from their memories, forgetting that you briefly owned their entire being. Making the object of your obsession moaning, panting, practically begging for release, however, well, who can they blame but themselves for having such a lustful body? It’ll replay in their minds over and over again, hoping against all hope it was all a lie that they loved every touch their violator gave them. They’ll hate you for it but at least they’ll always think about you. If you’re lucky enough, they can never stand the touch of another person ever again; you’ll be the last to see the flushed back arching for more, never wanting it to stop.

“Are you in here, Yao?” Russia whispered conspiringly, his eyes attentive to the slightest movement.

Honey catches more flies than vinegar; it was something Russia learned early on in his life. Whether it was for political alliances or finding a bed partner, one must always murmur sweet nothings, promise grand things to lure someone in and once they step on the silky thin lining of his spider’s web, it’ll be too late to leave- they’re his.

Russia’s scrutinized the room for an inkling of the Chinese man’s presence. He shrugged his shoulders when he found none, picking up a vase filled with red roses on the table side. It really was tiring sometimes playing nice. Once in a while, it was heaven to release all his pent up stress. Since this little kitty conveniently enough landed in the tiger’s den, why not eat him up? Oh, he wasn’t going to ‘rape’ China- that’s beneath the both of them. China was going to enjoy this. Russia was a skilled enough of a lover to make it consensual and consensual it will be. Tender though, was another matter all together. Russia walked to the middle of the room, pouring the contents of the vase to the ground as he went. Puddles formed on the floor, red roses crushed beneath his feet. If little Yao thought they were ‘tiring of each other’, it was up to him to prove just how possessive he could be. If China wanted to leave, he’ll have to rip his wings off from the webbing Russia wrapped tightly around him.

China waited with bated breath as he heard Russia call out from his hiding place, “Here kitty, kitty. Come out wherever you are~”

China wanted to scowl- he was not some stray cat that came when called- but resisted the urge to rise to Russia’s bait. A heart beat then two passed without another sound. China furrowed his brows. Did Russia leave already? What was he doing? Moving the thick fabric a merest of inches aside, China risked a peek. From where he was, China saw Russia bathed in sunlight standing stone still with broken red petals surrounding him. Dark eyes narrowed in contempt. Was Russia giving up? It’s not like he hid in a very hard to find place. Honestly, what was he doing? The more he thought about it, the more China could feel his anger almost boil over. If the larger nation wanted to lose, fine. He’ll take every single weapon and missile the stupid man could offer. It’ll show him. He hated, absolutely hated it when Russia played his mind games. If Russia had no intention of winning, he shouldn’t have suggested the game in the first place! So much time was wasted to satisfy Russia’s sadistic needs when they could’ve have done something more productive. As if he felt molten, golden eyes boring holes into his back and silent insults thrown his way, Russia giggled, his hands fingering the rim of the vase. China heard the giggle and pouted, his anger placed by some other emotion. Russia wasn’t even going to try and find him.

Just as slight disappointment settled in the pits of China’s stomach, Russia hurled the vase at the door. CRASH- SMASH. China gasped as he saw the vase break into a thousand glittering pieces illuminated by the afternoon sun. Quickly realizing his mistake, China’s hand flew to his mouth. Too late, Russia whirled around to where he heard the muffled gasp, a wicked smile painted on his lips. China’s stared wide eyed as Russia reached him in three long strides, whipping away the red, velvet curtain adorning the grand window with one hand.

“Why, hello there,” Russia said softly, brushing away sweat matted hair from China’s face.

Russia tucked the dark strands behind China’s ear; his fingers lightly touching the perfectly rounded ear before sliding down the milky smooth neck, capturing the pony tail the Chinese man preferred and brought it to the side of his face, allowing the black tips to tickle his skin. Watching China look at him with nervous eyes, Russia grinned childishly, “This was the best hiding place you could find?”

The curtain fell back into place, covering both men as Russia stepped closer to the smaller nation until China was trapped between the cool window pressing against his back and Russia’s larger body looming over in front of him. Russia bent down, tilting China’s chin up, “If I knew you were so bad at hide and seek, I would’ve asked to play this sooner.”

Feeling his hair tie come undone as fingers ran through his hair, China closed his eyes, refusing to see the triumphant violet eyes gleam at him. Now that he knew Russia wanted to continue the game, China’s childishness went away with his doubt. He should be scared- terrified of what Russia would do to him…but he wasn’t. Instead his body trembled with anticipation. As he ran down the hall, finding all the doors locked except for this one room, he knew Russia was bound to find him however, if he had wanted to, he could’ve escaped a long time ago; the glass door was right behind him. Despite his stiff body, he could’ve easily climbed down the vines hanging off the balcony. But he didn’t. He didn’t because he wanted this just as badly as Russia did. The moment Russia whispered in his ears that his body was to be ravaged, he wanted it but he wasn’t in his nature to voice crude things such as sex. The game simply gave him an excuse to play coy, something he was very good at. Russia wasn’t the only one who played mind games.

Steeling his resolve, China slowly opened his eyes, meeting the inquisitive gaze of Russia’s, “I’ve lost. Do what you want.”

Laughing heartily, Russia abruptly shoved China against the glass window pane, "Of course I will."

"That's a nature of a game right? A winner," Russia leaned in, closing the distance between their bodies until he pressed down on China, from chest to shin; bringing their lips unbearably close, "and a loser."

He grabbed the back of China's neck, "Isn't it a given that you’ll be at my mercy. No matter what,” he ground his leg ruthlessly between the Chinese nations’, making sure he understood the difference in their size, how powerless he was in the wake of Russia’s lust, “you’ll have to listen to my every command."

China bit back a moan, feeling Russia’s heat seep into his skin. He couldn’t deny that the harsh grinding motion of Russia’s leg against his now growing arousal had a profound effect on him but it was Russia’s pure raw sexuality that made China’s temperature rise and heartbeat race. Although subtle, Russia’s poisoned honeyed words conjured images of sweat drenched bodies in the darkness of nights upon a large satin bed, blind to every thought, everything, every sensation but one. Sensual illusions lost and merged itself with China’s own memories, of times when he helplessly laid on all four, desperately holding back his cries as Russia pounded into him harder and harder, wanting to hear those muffled cries get louder and louder. Imagining, remembering, China could almost feel Russia filling him and stretching him to the limit until he thought he would break. The next day after such rough housing, of course he would scold the larger nation for such abuse but secretly China more than enjoyed it. His body practically hummed with satisfaction. Ahhh…it felt so good, so deliciously good. It made him forget about the consequences, about all thoughts. He cared only about one thing and Russia served only one purpose.

Sex- bodily pleasure at it’s best.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

It was silent, but Russia’s husky voice and body radiating burning desire spoke louder than any words: pain, pleasure, humiliation, gratification- an emotional roller coaster done by the most basic of human acts…Russia wanted exact same thing.

No matter how provocative or enticing Russia was or how much China’s body ached for the Russian’s touch, he wouldn’t give in. This was a game- a second one soundlessly started and implied. This was no longer about reigniting their passion for one another, about relieving sexual frustrations. It was about power and dominance; about submission and ownership.

"I already said do whatever you want," For every word China spoke, their lips fleetingly brushed and met, “Nothing more.”

China laid a hand on Russia’s face, gently stroking it as he waited. He gave Russia his answer; now he just had to see what Russia would do with it. Judging by the bulge incessantly jabbing into his thigh, China knew he didn’t have long to wait.

Making sure China was watching his every move, Russia kissed the graceful palm, nipping at it before soothing it away with his tongue. He stared into those golden eyes- eyes that were shrouded with wisdom and age…and almost snapped. Russia’s patience was waning thin. He didn’t miss the delicate rebuke, the unspoken challenge. He was quickly tiring of their childish banter and their subtle word play that tested each others’ tolerance. He was beginning to grow frustrated.

China may be the ‘woman’ in their relationship but it didn’t mean he played the role willingly. Always. Always, always, always Russia had to coax and seduce him to relent, to submit. It was clear to him- to China- where this would all lead so why prolong it? Why couldn’t they just skip this meaningless chitchat and tear each others’ clothes off and have rough, raunchy sex? Sometimes Russia truly thought the slender man was more perverse than he was. He enjoyed torturing them both by playing these stupid, little games. Since he couldn’t beat Russia physically, it was his own brand of defiance.

Russia slipped one finger underneath China’s torn shirt, gently nudging it off to expose a creamy white shoulder. He released a warm breath against China’s lips but did not kiss him directly. He always did enjoy breaking things. The more something defied against him, the more joy he felt when they crumbled underneath his strength and determination. His lover would be no different. In fact, more than likely, China expected it. He was a man, a nation. He had pride and that pride often stood in the way of their immediate…fun. But no matter. It never lasted long.

Russia placed a brief kiss on the edge of China’s mouth before gently savoring the taste of the other nation’s cheek and neck, leaving a trail of lingering wet kisses until at last he found China’s pulse beating underneath his lips at the shoulder.

“Just to be sure I understand you correctly Jao,” Russia growled the name. “I can do anything I want,” He emphasized his point by grabbing China’s ass, pulling him hard to rub their erections together, increasing the friction, the pressure “but you won’t play along will you?”

China gasped as he felt himself abruptly pulled up and away from the ground until his toes barely touched the floor. For a moment he forgot to act aloof as he arched his back, lost in the erotic sensation of Russia touching him so intimately, spreading his legs embarrassingly wide just so he could feel how much Russia wanted him; his reward if he gave in.

China slowly descended back into his body, bringing his head back down to return Russia’s gaze.

Give up?

China wrapped his hands around Russia’s neck, one of them running through the thick, silver locks. So impatient. Young nations nowadays don’t seem to appreciate the art of slow seduction. The more they dragged it out, the more fulfilling it was when their bare flesh finally touched. He squirmed and upon hearing Russia’s sharp intake of breath, impishly settled his slight weight even firmer against the Russian’s heat.

Give up? How naïve. How could he give up what little control he had over the larger, stronger nation? He loved seeing those lilac eyes morph and change into an even darker shade of amethyst. Him. It was all for him; this love that bordered on obsession. China turned his head slightly, burying his face into soft, blond hair; his breath teasing the Russian’s ear. No. He wouldn’t give in. As long as he never admits the insatiable craving he had for Russia, their power play for dominance will never end.

“When have I ever simply just played with you?”

Russia’s head snapped up, searing China with his fiery purple gaze, “Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

With a final, inaudible growl, Russia held the back of China’s neck in an iron grip, holding him immobile as he forced China’s mouth open with the pressure of his kiss. The smaller man in his arms did not protest and even encouraged it. The hand that was delicately ruffling his hair, now dug into his skull urging him silently to continue. Theirs lips molded and shifted to fit even as their tongues slid and slipped away from each other. Russia kissed harder, curling his tongue to trace the roof of China’s mouth idly, lazily before pulling back. China moaned in protest, quickly following the retreating Russian and found himself immersed in the taste of Russia as their tongues tangled and danced once again.

No matter the world’s opinion of the larger nation as cruel and demanding, his kisses always tasted sweet; it reminded him of spices and sunflowers. China crushed their lips together to taste more, relishing the warm, velvet feel of Russia’s mouth.

In the end, it was Russia who ended the kiss. He drew China in, sucking on the tip of the other’s tongue as his own ran on the underside of China’s before gently pushing the Chinese nation away. Each gasped for air as they parted, panting heavily.

Still heady from the kiss, Russia watched with fascination as he saw China close his eyes and lean his head back against the window pane. China bit his bottom lip to stop the tingling sensation and Russia drank in the sight greedily. Already he missed the feel of those lips against his.

More. He wanted more.

He bent his head, finding the pulse at China’s shoulder again. He lapped at the soft skin, feeling the heartbeat pulsate against his tongue. Wordlessly, China turned his head and gave Russia better freedom to kiss where he wanted. Russia obliged, kissing his way up the silky, smooth neck, gracing it with red bruises. He stared at his handiwork, frowning. He purposely left them where they could be easily seen. It marked China as his but it wasn’t enough.

He wanted to own him; spill his seed inside of China and claim him forever. Russia knew though, his little Yao could never be fully owned or possessed by anyone. The kiss marks will eventually disappear just as China will eventually go back home to his people. He knew that but it didn’t stop him from trying. It was only in these moments when China shed his godlike exterior and indulged himself in mortal desires that he felt they truly connected, that China finally belonged to him in his entirety. As they lay each others’ arms, spent and tired, for a precious second in their long, long life, their responsibilities disappeared and he became human. Not an immortal that lost the ability to feel. Not a nation that lived and breathe with a billion lives. Human. A tangible, touchable human that he didn’t have to share with others; Yao was solely his and thought only of him for a little while.

For what felt like an infinity, Russia watched as China gradually opened his eyes and finally met his gaze. The world seemed to grow silent as they stared at one another. Russia kneaded the back of China’s neck with the hand that at first gripped it so savagely. His lover tilted his head, dark strands spilling over Russia’s hand as he did. Golden eyes looked at him curiously, wondering why the sudden tenderness. He couldn’t have guessed the need Russia had for him. But of course China did, he always did. He smiled that knowing smile and Russia lost control.

He captured China in a kiss as bruising as the last, his hand making quick work of the Chinese’s clasp and zipper.

China pushed Russia away, gasping, “Wh-what are you doing?”

Russia curled his fingers around China’s length and pumped his fist just once- up, down. Slowly, deliberately. China felt his body grow limp even as fire licked his lower regions, burning him where Russia touched.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Russia said condescendingly, his thumb circling the erect organ’s head.

China fell back on the glass window pane, panting, “N-no. Not h-here. No.”

“And why not” Russia’s hand alternated between firm strokes and light, circling motions. He made sure China couldn’t anticipate which would come next.

China doubled over as if in pain, slamming his hand against the glass behind him. The stinging pain of his hand only momentarily subdued the pleasure consuming him. A groan was ripped from his throat as Russia stroked him harder.

“B-because,” The Chinese nation stammered at last when Russia resumed his light touches, “there’s a bed right there.”

Russia noticed China’s eye flicker to the side for a moment. Once in a while, it was quite simple to read him:

Because someone can easily see us from outside the window….

Just like China whispered into his ear earlier, Russia whispered back, “I don’t mind where we are. It makes no difference to me if I have you standing up or lying down.” He kissed the skin right behind China’s ear, “Or where we have sex… on a bed…or against a window. But if you want to move to the bed…just one word and we can.”

He dragged his nails across China’s cock, feeling it jerk in response. He smiled when China clung to him, burying his face into his shoulder and shivered.

“Just one word, Jao and I can make it happen,” Russia lowered his head, blowing warm air over China’s hardened nipple, “Beg me and don’t forget to add the ‘please’~”

Russia did not raise his head but kept his eyes on China’s chest as his mouth captured the nub in front of him with his teeth, biting down gently. Above him, he heard China breathlessly moan out, “No….”

“Then have it your way,” Russia released the pinked bud from his mouth, giving it one finally flick with his tongue.

China stood enraptured as he watched Russia kiss down his body lower and lower until….

“AHHH! I-Ivan. Nnnngh.”

China quickly clasped a hand over his mouth to stop anymore obscene sound from escaping. Russia wrapped his fingers around China’s arousal, kissing it lovingly from the tip to the base like it was a prized possession. Russia hummed in amusement at China's attempt to muffle his cries...of course Russia was going to try his best to make that beautiful voice cry out his name even more.

Russia found the soft, round sacs and cupped them in his hand. He massaged them; stroking, caressing, rubbing them as his mouth took the whole length of China in his mouth. He kissed, licked, and nipped using his lips, teeth and tongue. As China began to slide down the glass window- his legs finally giving out- Russia slung a slender, white thigh over his shoulder to keep China upright as he continued his assault on the shaft before him, wet with pre-cum and his saliva.

Tentatively China placed a hand behind Russia’s head, slowly rocking his hips forward into the hot crevice of Russia’s mouth. He was close. So close. If Ivan didn’t stop now, he would…he would…..


Then from beyond the curtain, the door clicked open and a female voice called out, “Ivan? Are you in here?”

China’s eyes widened in horror. He looked down, meeting Russia’s eyes. Russia removed his mouth and grinned up at him, speaking very softly, “I guess I forgot to mention I was having a party later today.”

Before China could answer, the voice- Ukraine- called out again, closer this time, “Ivan? Is that you behind the curtain? Why is the vase broken? Hello?”

China glanced back down helplessly at Russia. The Russian, in turn, just smiled innocently as he took China’s erection in his mouth again and sucked on it hard.

A/N: Anyway before people point it out, I'll say it myself: the characterization changes as the story progresses. From playful and sweet in Ch1 to sadistic and pyschotic in ch2 and 3. In ch5 they'll go back to beong sweet. I don't know whether or not it gives a sense of fullness to the characters or a whacked job of keeping them as one thing.