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07 December 2009 @ 11:54 pm
Hide and Seek 2  


With his chest heaving, China flung open the first door he saw and quickly scanned the room for a possible hiding place. His eyes glanced over the closet (too obvious), the trunk (no escape) before pausing over a small cupboard. It was small, barely taller than his knee. Maybe if he could just squeeze in, Russia wouldn’t suspect that…. China discarded the idea as soon as it entered his head. Not only was his body not flexible enough, if Russia found him, he’d be cornered. Only something with an indestructible lock and sturdy metal door could keep him safe from Russia; even then China wasn’t entirely sure if that would keep the Russian out. With a growl of frustration emitted from his throat, China slammed the door shut and ran faster and further down the massive hallway of the mansion, his tattered shirt fluttering about him. Where? Where could he hide?

China barely turned the corner when he heard the ominous words signaling the start of the game echo down the hall to meet his thundering ears, “Ready or not, here I come, Little Jao~”

Breathe hitched in his throat, China frantically raced to the next room, turning the doorknob. It didn’t budge. He pushed his shoulder against the door, hoping that maybe it was merely stuck. Nothing happened.

“Yao~ Where oh where could you be~? Come out, come out wherever you are~” Russia’s sing songy voice came frightening closer and closer.

Panicking now, China searched desperately for something, anything that would delay Russia from finding him. Luckily enough he spotted another door only a few feet away and bounded towards it quickly, praying that this one wasn’t locked. It clicked open. Not even wasting a second to breathe a sigh of relief, China rushed inside but just as he disappeared into the room, from his periphery vision, China met violet eyes for a brief second. He locked the door immediately and backed away, knowing it was only a matter of seconds before it would come crashing down. His eyes hastily examined the room for a place to hide, the shirt clinging to him from the sweat running down his back. China flinched at the sudden loud bang that sounded at the door. The door shook and creaked on its’ hinges as Russia slammed his shoulder against it again, “Jao~ I know your in there. Have you hidden yourself yet? We don’t want this game to end so soon do we?”

Another hit and the center of the wooden door cracked from the strong impact. China’s heart was beating so loudly he barely heard the Russian’s muffled voice, “Unless of course you already want to be fucked?”

Russia paused in his assault, letting his silky voice drift through the door to caress China’s skin, “I know just how much you love playing hard to get. Did the running arouse you, Дорогой*? Do you enjoy it when adrenaline courses through your body, your sweat drip down your back, your heart beating furiously… knowing inevitably I’d catch you?”

China stood rooted to his spot, eyes staring transfixed at the door. He couldn’t help the shudder running down his spine and lower when his body remembered so well that velvety voice whispering upon his body countless times on many countless nights.

“My, my, my, what a kinky fetish you have, моя любовь*,” China sighed at Russia’s husky laugh, “And I thought I was the insane one in our relationship.”

Russia’s voice dropped down to a whisper, forcing China to creep closer to the door, “Little Jao, little Jao…won’t let you let me in? I promise I can be even more…exciting than a little game of chase.”

China took a breath then another before whispering back in a smaller voice, “No.”

CRACK. China gasped, covering his head with his hands as the splintered pieces of wood flew in the air. When sound of the door crashing to the floor subsided, the Chinese nation tentatively unraveled his arms to look up and saw Russia’s entire being hum with giddiness.

China eyed the Russian standing in the doorway- the only exit. Russia, understanding he had the older nation trapped, grinned as he reached a hand out to grab slim wrists but China wasn’t about to give out his sexual favor that easily. Dodging Russia’s hand, China made a dash for the large bed in the middle of the room, jumping over it so that it stood between him and the predatory nation.

“Why so eager for bed, Yao? We have all the time in the world to play with each other,” Russia chuckled as he walked towards the other nation, loosening his tie.

Wary eyes on the larger man, China said nothing. Russia now reached the side of the bed closest to the door, placing his hands on the satin sheets, smiling innocently at his lover, “It is game over already? I thought it would’ve been more of a challenge….”

Violet clashed with golden eyes for a moment before China made a break for the opened doorway. Russia had already anticipated this. His hand had China’s forearm in an iron grip, fully intending to toss the Chinese nation onto the bed where they could continue there game however China, acting on pure instinct, lashed out, his fist connecting with the side of Russia’s chin.

The unexpected blow was enough for China to wiggle himself free from Russia’s grasp. For a moment China stayed where he was, biting his lip in worry, an apology on the tip of his tongue when he saw blood form on the corner of Russia’s bottom lip. He didn’t mean to hit him, it was just a conditioned reflex. China took a step closer to Russia, wanting to examine the injury but stopped short as he met the blond nations gaze. Russia’s amethyst eyes gleamed up at him, a feral smile on his bleeding lips. He wiped the red liquid off with the tip of this thumb, laughing.

China took a step back, edging his way to the exit. The look of predation was gone from Russia’s eye and replaced by something far more sinister. The hair on the back of his neck stood on ends as Russia looked at him through hooded eyes, remnants of a smile lingering on bloodied lips. China’s Adam Apple bobbed as he gulped.

Russia ran his hand through his hair and laughed at China’s nervousness. The poor nation had nothing to be afraid of. He was enjoying this now too. He liked the challenge; it would’ve been boring otherwise. It was all fun and games in the beginning, still restraining himself. Russia licked his wound, tasting iron. Now, however, he was going to make China submit, beg for mercy. China always did like it gentle while Russia liked it a bit more…rough. Russia took a step forward, scraps of wood crunching under his feet. He would like to hear China beg. It has been far too long since he made the smaller nation cry from pleasure and pain. It was time for an overdue reminder. The way China back away slowly from the other nation only confirmed that he too knew Russia had something unpleasant in store for him.

It is in these moments that China can say Russia was graceful. It wasn’t the same graceful one would use to describe a ballerina or a swan but graceful in a way a sword would neatly slice through flesh. Deadly yet enchanting all the same. You can’t escape it. It didn’t stop China from trying though. As Russia reached a hand up to graze his cheek, China ran out the door in search for another hiding place, prolonging the game. He no longer cared if he won or lost or even the military gains. The only thing China cared about was what Russia would do when he caught him. Not if, but when. In the back of his mind when he agreed to Russia’s conditions, he already knew he never had a chance to win. Russia was right. He did enjoy being chased. Honestly, what a lovely couple they made.

First * = "Dear" in Russian. I fixed it in the original where it was a lower case...but I'm not sure if this one is the fixed version...

Seconds *= "My love" in Russian.


sailor fugu: emo heartinrisan on December 29th, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)
First * - absolutely correct.
Seconds * - better "любовь моя".

I enjoy reading, many thanks! <3
xblkdragonxxblkdragonx on December 31st, 2009 10:01 am (UTC)
oh thanks for the correction. I'll go fix it right now (^_^)