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07 December 2009 @ 07:36 pm
The Day China Moved In  
Title: The Day China Moved In
Author: Me
Characters/Pairings: Russia/China + Lithuania with cameo from Estonia and Latvia
Warnings: none?
Rating: PG
Summary: China gets jealous of Lithuania over Russia so decides to move in with them...and never left.

A/N: This was suppose to be fluff and crack but somehow it turned a little serious in the middle. The thing with me is I know what I want in the beginning and end but the middle I have a hard time with. As u can tell the beginning and end are pure crack and fluff. It's almost like the middle didn't belong there! I'll take another crack at this fic later but I'll just leave it for now.

He had enough! Slamming his hands onto the table, China pointed his finger at Lithuania who stopped mid-motion serving tea to Russia to stare, “Lithuania, I officially challenge you, aru!”

Silence engulfed the entire room after the declaration, everyone too shocked to speak. Lithuania slightly blushed at the attention directed his way, “Um…wh…why exactly are you challenging me? Have I done something to offend you, China? If so I-“

“I challenge you to who’s the better housewife, aru! The only reason Russia likes you better is because you live with him! Therefore, I’m moving in too!”

All hell broke lose after that:

“Noooooo! What are you thinking, China! If you go there, you’ll never come back alive!” France lamented, his hands pulling at his hair.

For once England agreed with France and frantically tried to stop China, “Is this about the opium? I’ll stop it! I promise I will! Just don’t go to Russia’s house! I’m begging you!”

China simply crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted, “This has nothing to do with the rest of you. It’s between me and Lithuania, aru. It’s time we settle who Russia really likes!”

“Wha…what are you talking about China! Russia and I aren’t-mpfh” Lithuania was cut off by Russia’s hand covering his mouth.

“If you want to come to my house, Yao, you’re more than welcome. Right Latvia? Estonia?” Russia smiled at the two nations frantically trying to wordlessly tell China to run away- run far, far away.

Russia continued smiling as Estonia tried slapping the comatose Latvia awake and walked towards China, interlocking their fingers together, “Let’s go then. I want to show you my sunflower collection.”

Lithuania, in all honesty, was pleasantly pleased and surprised by how much the household changed with China’s appearance. Russia was…was actually acting like a normal human being! Admittedly Lithuania at first was afraid for the smaller man’s wellbeing- absently rubbing the scars on his back- but relaxed when he saw China scold Russia for scaring Latvia to the point of stopping his heart. Instead of thrashing the much smaller man, Russia actually apologized, even though it was directed to China rather than to Latvia. Afterwards, however, Russia made a point of trying to avoid Latvia as to not frighten him again. As if that wasn’t heroic enough, the man even tended to Russia’s every need and demand in his attempt to prove he was the better “housewife”, leaving Lithuania more leisure time to spend with Poland. The best part of China’s visit, of course, was that Russia showered all his attention onto the Asian man and paid little heed to anyone else. For that alone Lithuania would worship the ground the older nation walked on.

Despite all that, though, there was a negative side as well. Lithuania, for one, could not stand the idea that China thought he and Russia were an “item.” That did not sit well with him on many levels. The second and more important reason was the look of raw pain of betrayal and jealousy that flashed on China’s face whenever he caught Lithuania and Russia alone together. He had to set things straight with China.

China, so you see, Russia and I are not lovers in anyway. I’m just his sla…I mean assistant.”

China, sitting in the opposite chair of Lithuania, visibly relaxed and leaned back in his chair, “That’s a relief, aru!”

Moments of silence surrounded the both of them until Lithuania finally gathered enough courage to ask the question burning on the tip of his tongue, “Um…China, if I could ask you a personal question…”

“Of course, aru. Since we’re no longer rivals, I consider you a friend. You’re just like me when I was younger, taking care of my siblings, aru.”

Lithuania avoided China’s gaze and paused slightly, thinking of the best way to phrase his question, “How…how is it that your so in love with Russia…that…that you were willing to move in with him, despite knowing your rival lived with him already?”

When Lithuania looked back at China, he was met with a knowing gaze. Sometimes it was so easy to forget that this nation was the oldest among them but at this moment, when his eyes held years and years of experience, Lithuania was sorely reminded, “What you really want to ask me is why I am not afraid of Russia and why he tolerates my insolence despite being bigger than me, aru.”

Lithuania could only nod his head in agreement. China shrugged his shoulders, “If you think about it, it’s actually pretty simple, aru. Both of us were abandoned and left alone. We needed to lick our wounds and were perfect to lick each other’s, aru. He needed someone to look after him like parent and I needed someone to look after like a younger sibling. And so we found one another- a lost child and parent creating their own surrogate family, aru. It started from there and before I knew it,” China looked at Lithuania soulfully, “it developed into something more. You have to understand, no matter how old a nation is, being abandoned and forgotten is the most painful thing in existence. It’s almost as if we never existed,” China looked away and softly whispered, “I do not think I can survive having my heart stomped and thrown away again, aru.”

Lithuania nodded his head again but he had another question on his lips. Before he could ask his question, China raised his hand up, “I know what you want to ask. Yes, I was afraid in the beginning, aru. I would be crazy not to be afraid. However,” China smiled in adoration, “if you take the time to get to know him, truly get to know him aru, you’ll understand he’s nothing more than a child stuck in the body of a man. Children are easy to deal with,” China tilted his head to the side, observing Lithuania, “You know, even if you are not Ivan’s lover, he does cherish you, aru. Although he does it in his own way, he really does. He’s just doesn’t know the meaning of love and affection nor was he ever shown what it means to be gentle, aru. Will you help me teach him?”

Lithuania blinked in wonder. Could what China say be true? That Rus…no Ivan is just a lonely man reaching out for love but no one reached back. No one did because they all thought the hand reaching out was reaching out for bloodshed rather than for acknowledgment. If that was true…then…then that was such a sad existence. How is it that he could keep smiling? Lithuania steeled himself and stared at China with determination in his eyes, “I don’t know what I can do, but I can try.”

China smiled, “That is all I ask. Now since we’ve cleared things between us, I must return home. I have many things to take care of, aru.”

Lithuania practically leaped out of his chair, “What!? You’re leaving? Today!? But…but you can’t! What about Russia? He’ll…he’ll be disappointed that you’re leaving without informing him!”

“You’re right. I should go tell him now, aru,” China said cheerfully and bounded for the door.

“What! This is the worst,” Lithuania thought, “I just started feeling sorry for Russia, I can’t handle him by myself! If I knew clearing the air between us would let him leave, I would’ve never done it!”

“Wait, China!” Lithuania yelled as China disappeared through the door, “You can’t….” before Lithuania could finish his sentence someone swung a frying pan hard on China’s head, effectively knocking him out.

“Di…did you kill him, Estonia?” Latvia’s voice squeaked out.

“I’m…I’m pretty sure I didn’t. According to my calculations, the momentum of the swing in tandem to the hardness of the frying pan as well as taking into account the immortality of said nation, I…”

“Did you kill him?” Latvia persisted.

Estonia cleared his throat and bent down to feel China’s heartbeat. Finding a pulse, he let out a relieved breath, “No. He’s still alive.”

“Oh good. We can tie him up now.”

“What are you two doing exactly? Why did you hit China with a frying pan?” Lithuania said, still stunned at what transpired in front of him.

Estonia and Latvia both looked up at him before turning to look at each other.

“You explain, Estonia. You’re the smart one.”

“No, no, no. You go, Latvia, I insist.”

“Just because you insist doesn’t me I have to-“

“Guys, I’m still waiting,” Lithuania crossed his arms and tapped his toes in impatience.

Estonia coughed once into his fist before explaining that he and Latvia were eavesdropping on their conversation and upon hearing that China wanted to leave, the both of them grew desperate and decided to knock him out to make him stay.

“I mean, look Toris, things have become so much better since China came. Russia actually ‘laughs’ now,” Latvia said pleadingly.

“Yes and he stays out of mischief, namely messing up my economy!”

Lithuania only remained quiet for a few more moments then suggested a red bow on top of China’s head would be a nice touch. “Better him then us”, Lithuania thought, “China did tell me to consider Russia’s feelings. I’m just doing what he taught me,” That was Lithuania’s parting thought as he sent an unconscious China to Russia’s room.


To Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia,

I most definitely enjoyed my gift. In return for such a nice present, please enjoy the rest of the month off. I will be busy with my new toy at that time.

With love,


(and so that is how China became Communism in the Hetalia-universe)

The End.

A/N again
I've been reading too many fic so I'll be plaguing the community with a lot of fic, sorry! I got literally 10 ideas lined up with various pairings LOL.
Anyway the main reason I wrote the fic was to ask people if they every thought of a random nation getting jealous of another like China getting jealous of Lithuania of Russia.
Another example would be Romano getting jealous of France over Spain <<< (I already have something for that lol)
Austria jealous of Hungary over Prussia <<<< this I would like to see
Belarus wanting Lithuania/China's blood because of Russia
etc. I would like to hear people's thoughts on this.